urea in a sentence

Example sentences for urea

The water in the frog's cells freezes and is replaced with glucose and urea to keep cells from collapsing.
Surprisingly, no mention of urea, the major nitrogen- containing component of urine.
They secrete the blood protein albumin, synthesize urea, and make the enzymes necessary to break down drugs and toxins.
Debridement can help, and there has been some research into a urea paste that is encouraging.
Urine urea nitrogen is a measure of protein breakdown in the body.
The facility includes ammonia, urea, nitric acid and solution blending operations.
Most of the ammonia produced in the body is used by the liver to produce urea.
But research over the years has suggested that drinking extra water helps the kidneys clear sodium, urea and toxins from the body.
The urea tank is large enough to be filled only at typical oil change intervals.
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