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Urbanization gave way to suburbanization, and with it the universal threat of loneliness.
The general rule of course is that in a homogeneous population urbanization drives violence down.
They are already transforming the perspective on urbanization and population growth.
First, urbanization and industrialization made the poor more dependent on public charity for a minimum level of subsistence.
So, too, did the economic expansion and urbanization that got under way in the fifteenth century.
The squirrels have been squeezed out, it's thought, by urbanization and a legion of natural predators.
The populations and low urbanization geographically would have separated them.
Once this disappeared and urbanization began to rise and agriculture declined, labor unrest followed.
Urbanization causes more people to work jobs that encourage sedentary lifestyles.
And, despite increasing urbanization throughout the world, people and wildlife are sharing more infections.
Economic planners often build new roads in remote areas to promote urbanization and accommodate industries such as logging.
Much has been written on the effects of urbanization on mental health and psychological well being.
We are becoming a species that is more and more urban, but the of urbanization has to be replaced by a new eco-friendly.
Burning fossil fuels is the primary culprit, backed up by cutting down forests and clearing land for agriculture or urbanization.
The global demographic trend is toward urbanization, not a return to the countryside.
The fear of urbanization has not been good for cities, or for their countries, or for the planet.
There is no single model for how to manage rapid urbanization, but there are hopeful examples.
Because of this, there are also drastic changes taking place in the context of urbanization.
But as urbanization and poverty grow, the old ties are weakening.
Introduction to urbanization and its effects of streams.
Urbanization affects agriculture in developing areas in both positive and negative ways.
Introduction and gateway to the urbanization module.

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