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For an individual urban property owner it has some benefits, but not as a means of feeding a city, or dealing with it's wastes.
Septic systems work well in rural and some suburban settings, where sewers are necessary in urban areas by today's standards.
Many urban and city areas have farmers markets as well.
Most employers seek persons who have a master's degree in city planning or urban design.
Urban farming is a response to a variety of pressures.
He discovered that he worked best alone, away from the social demands of an urban environment.
Her vision, eloquently explicated here, revolutionized our urban landscapes.
The study of living things may shed light on urban planning.
Worries about the imbalance between rural and urban benefits may be harder to brush away.
In practice, the nearest thing to a vertical farm so far is urban hydroponic farming, often on rooftops.
In theory, urban living can be greener than other ways of life: people need to travel shorter distances, for instance.
Every major country has abundant land in the form of farms and forests, much of which can be converted someday into urban land.
But the gap between rural and urban incomes has continued to widen.
But because the rural poor use little fossil fuel, these mainly benefit middle-income and higher-earning urban types.
Country people need full access to urban services, such as education and health, from which they are usually barred.
Even on intermediate stops, stations are far from urban centres.
Most urban school systems faced with tenure constraints follow the same logic.
The compounds, created by the burning of fossil fuels, are ubiquitous in urban environments.
In many cities, pigeons-to take one urban animal-are reviled as flying vermin.
Better design of the urban environment could create more pedestrians.
To rejuvenate urban centers, look to teachers and entrepreneurs.
The urban sins of the automobile are numerous indeed.
Experts say careful planning of developments, homes and buildings can alleviate nearly all the contamination from urban runoff.
They are using urban effluent to generate clean energy, improving life not only for humans but also for fish.
Here, go figure out what the urban heat island effect is going to have on national forest and parks.
But today the pendulum is swinging back toward urban living, and there are many reasons to believe this swing will continue.
The fear of congestion sprang from the atrocious conditions in urban slums at the turn of the century.
Even when crime rates dropped, older urban areas still had more violent crime than other cities.
And as a rule, densely populated urban spaces are usually spared.
Electric vehicles make sense for an urban car sharing program.
From grain silos to abandoned hospitals, this gallery of short, stylish videos takes you on some surprising urban adventures.
Others envision the hottest ticket in urban theater.
Urban development can magnify the risk of environmental hazards such as flash flooding.
Pollution and physical barriers to root growth promote loss of urban tree cover.
Although urban areas are built by and for humans, wildlife also has to share the same spaces.
Distribute a third blank transparency, and have the groups complete an urban region map.
There are nearly seven billion people on the planet, and more than half of them live in urban areas.
Gives information on alternative tourism projects and trips worldwide in both urban and non-urban destinations.
And urban pollution has been blamed for intensified electricity and lightning in storms over cities.
Handmade products crafted in small-town shops gave way to urban factories and mechanized production.
As they move over urban centers they pick up particles from industrial pollution.
Urban-living carrion crows have learned to use road traffic for cracking tough nuts.
Urban runoff is a major cause of water and beach pollution.
Populations are concentrating along the world's coastlines-particularly in large urban areas.
In this gallery, get tips on how to capture the essence of urban spaces.
Runoff from agricultural and urban areas hurts water quality.
Part of his motivation was to remedy the gap in urban and suburban studies, which is his other major interest of the past decade.
It's unclear how long animals would suffer from the urban legacy of concentrated heavy metals.
Well, where the urban heat island effect was working, anyways.
It's the urban future the way it was supposed to be.
Nearly all of the available land has been cleared for agriculture or urban development.
Which proves that, yes, sorcerers have strong powers but do not know the difference between fact and urban legend.
Ironically, schemes to promote rural development in this period often failed whereas urban development flourished.
Take a few steps back, and the image of urban power miraculously darkens and knits itself together again.
Yet for all the development, there is little sense of urban vitality.
More than half the world's population currently lives in urban areas.
Many urban teens don't remember a time without rampant consumerism.
One node is usually installed at the edge of an urban area, wired to a local-area network cable, he explains.
The points could be computers in an office, large urban centers or even nations in the global telecommunications system.
For the next decade, he adds, the goal is to design and develop medium-sized systems for urban areas.
Spend more money on urban infrastructure to encourage people and businesses to stay close together.
Wind turbines being responsible for slicing up birds in flight is an urban myth that sounds plausible, but in reality is not true.
Fuel cells are likely to be well suited for urban areas where it is tuff to imagine a battery charger by every parking space.
Energy innovations and solutions for a sustainable urban environment.
The nation is in the throes of the fastest urban growth in human history.
However, many protesters don't want to lose their biggest emblem: the urban encampment.
As in many developing-world cities, the traffic is stifling, the poverty pervasive and the urban sprawl daunting.
Urban sprawl doesn't need a gun to rob a community's quality of life.
We define urban as populated areas of various sizes.
More cities are making room for trees in the urban environment.
Community forests can also bring communities of people together and form connections between humans and the urban flora and fauna.
The air toxics strategy is a framework for addressing air toxics emissions in urban areas.

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