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It runs upward and backward, parallel to the central sulcus, and is sometimes divided into an upper and a lower ramus.
The upward lurch largely reflected higher fuel and food prices.
The upward pressures last month included higher food prices, especially for bread and cereals.
Salt oozed upward, splitting the rocks, and then water cracked them open further as it froze and thawed.
The highway heads upward, wrapping itself around the shoulders and dipping into the valleys of the mountains.
Shortly after you move away from the entrance, you're propelled upward at high speed by the linear motor.
Swiping upward or downward with momentum enables scrolling in a browser.
Another needed ingredient is something to give the air an upward shove.
The relatively thin stratus clouds have slow, upward moving air currents.
Snowmobiling defies gravity by allowing participants to move with upward motion with relative ease.
Often, this upward shove is as simple as heated air rising because it's lighter than surrounding air.
Another decade of volatile and upward-trending oil prices, for instance, will be incredibly good for electric-car technology.
One such is its proposal to impose a retrospective ban on upward-only rent reviews on commercial-property leases.
To catch up with the upward curve of prices, he was expected to raise rates four or five times before the end of the year.
It may get lucky: the upward drift of top people's income may weaken in a cheerless recovery.
New government figures, due this weekend, should still show an upward trend.
Given expected emerging market demand growth, that points to upward pressure on prices.
But it seems more likely that shares ought to exhibit a long-term upward trend relative to precious metals.
In future, therefore, joining the single currency could create additional upward pressure on prices.
And he pointed out that the little upward jog at the end hardly seems worth mentioning.
Huge inflows of capital put upward pressure on the yuan.
Exotic foreign-currency products sold to retail investors reinforce the currency's upward trajectory.
But the inflow of foreign capital would put upward pressure on the rupee.
We are not looking at the start of a long upward spiral in interest rates.
Some of the upward pressure will come off the yuan next year.
The knowledge society is the first human society where upward mobility is potentially unlimited.
Others have less rigid currencies but still intervene to stem what they regard as excessive upward pressure.
Wage inflation has remained tame, preventing the upward spiral of pay and prices that wreaked such harm on previous occasions.
Supply curves in economics still slope upward regardless of who is doing the instructing.
FV is an exponential function so you will see a more distinct upward curve as the interest rate is increased.
There could be a column of water and vapor flung upward to a heigh proportional to the depth, volume and temperature of the fart.
Prospects for upward social mobility and meaningful political reform were nonexistent.
At the same time, however, those two job categories have followed the same upward path throughout the nation as a whole.
Finally, manage expectations upward as well, to trustees and the president.
Instead, it targets populations willing to take a huge financial risk in exchange for the promise of upward mobility.
They do offer benefits and they do offer upward mobility.
At the opportune moment he was to tilt his head upward and, gazing heavenward, send a presidential greeting to the astronauts.
Extending himself upward, he slings a handkerchief over the exhaust stack of his late-model diesel rig.
Areas of the sheet grounded above sea level or on upward-sloping bedrock would remain in place.
The resulting reduction in pressure in the rift allows magma to be forced upward by the weight of the overlying crust and mantle.
It appears that somehow all that fracturing and pumping are causing gas and chemicals to migrate upward into well water.
Gravity acts against the upward motion of the column, eventually pinching it off at a certain height.
For each slope, fold the two long edges and the shaded tab upward, leaving the printed square hidden on the bottom side.
The fracking water will move upward until it meets the water table.
We have learnt something of building upward spirals and of dealing with adversity, often with fun and joy.
By pulling rapidly spinning air upward and together, it will spin even faster.
They say the upward spread of mistletoe is more closely linked to warmer winters than to hotter summers.
But a close look at this upward escaping luminosity can reveal cultural clues about the polluters.
Normally energy flows upward, as smaller fish are eaten by larger ones.
Planes, balloons, battleship guns pointed upward-there is no shortage of possible delivery vehicles.
Shielded fixtures prevent light from spreading upward, where it isn't needed.
With the upward motion, a series of waves expands in all directions.
That's because the freezing ice would have expanded, causing the surface to bulge upward, cracking in the process.
In fact, zones of saturation and water tables usually follow the upward and downward tilts of the land above them.
Using their round tongues, the birds push the fish upward into small notches in their upper bill that help hold the food securely.
The pull exerted upward by one's hands is precisely equal to the pull exerted downward by one's feet.
Faces turned upward, so that their nostrils are out of water, they creep toward the land at the same rate as the tide.
Heights begin to surge upward at a madly accelerating rate.
With a small knife, tilted upward, trim the excess dough flush with the top of the ring.
As you can see, it's a relatively steady upward trend.
With the inability to bargain over workers livelihoods, unions will cease being vehicles for upward mobility.
During the afternoon the road climbed upward, crossing the creek from side to side, and toward evening the canon was not so deep.
It lifts us upward on a zigzagging trajectory of progress.
Further, with the world economy in a slump, prices are feeling less upward pressure anyway these days.
He performed an awkward upward stroke with grace, cleaving one half from the backbone, and began cutting off customers' orders.
Thin multicolored lines snake upward in parallel, then branch out in twos and threes, their tips capped by tiny leaves.
WE are rapidly approaching the upward limit on multi-microprocessors.
They then linked this pattern to an upward movement of a computer cursor.
In technological terms, in fact, they're taking a fatal upward turn.
Upward gravitational divergence of positrons or antiprotons in counter-rotating accelerator beams is unobserved.
More important, the upward trend has been sustained for two weeks.
She gets off her bike, lies flat on her back underneath the tree, and stares upward at the branches.
Legs swing upward-one hitched across her shoulder and the other planted on the table.
They flew upward in sudden bursts of speed, but the intruder remained tantalizingly out of reach.
Yet that is not to say that house prices have never deviated from a steady upward path.
They were on the move, heading inward and upward in search of what little food remained.
The enriched system is also incomplete, the infection moving upward by degrees.
Metabolic rates lept upward throughout subregions of the brain.
It's covered in little bumps called tubercles that give it an uneven texture and increase upward pressure on the fin.
The movement of the underhand throw is a simple, easy-to-control upward pendulum motion.
Indeed, its rate of increase seems to be rebounding upward again after the mysterious plunge of the last few years.
One side of the fault slams upward, forming the scarp.
These satellites pull particles not only sideways but upward and downward too.
Reading off the graph, you can see that right on the horizon, a ray of light is bent upward by about a half degree.
As you can see in this video, the club-winged manakin moves its entire wings upward before flapping.
Perhaps they would be revised upward with other sequences.
Flowing upward under the weak gravity, the dusty gas itself glows from heat as it rises up into space.
She pointed upward toward it, then beckoned her friend to her side.
They deploy upward of a hundred tables, based on mathematics many readers will have to take on faith.
We wouldn't really expect crime in shoot upward dramatically whenever the index of income distribution moved upward a few points.
In humans the layer is constantly moving upward over the body and off the top of the head.
In the last days they will condemn your turning upward to the holy race.
It has to be part of a real career path, with upward mobility.
But best of all, by growing upward instead of outward, vertical farming can expand food supplies without using more land.
Food prices are near historic highs, driven upward by an ever larger, ever hungrier population.
And throughout his career, he feigned a lack of ambition as cover for a relentless impulse to move upward in the world.

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