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However, the animals are easy to find in a rainstorm, since their upturned noses catch water and cause them to sneeze.
Expect to see lots of people walking around with upturned faces and wide-open eyes.
Each time the scenario writer figures on the screen the number of upturned cigarette ends has increased.
She has full lips, long lashes, and a slightly upturned nose.
Her soft red fur clings damply to her body and a few droplets of water trickle from her cutely upturned pink nose.
Every boat too was covered with sleeping bodies and upturned faces, and the rocks of every island.
So be sure to delicately place a grain of salt on top of my upturned thumb.
The brain's model of the sky is a shallow upturned bowl, with the zenith much closer than the parts of the sky near the horizon.
The human brain models the sky as a shallow upturned bowl.
The erect shoots are upturned extensions of horizontal rhizomes.
Their eyes are small but their mouths are large and upturned.
Large head with upturned mouth and eyes on underside.
Note the large upturned rostral scale, characteristic of this species.
Both species have low-set eyes and large upturned mouths without barbels.
Wrens are generally small birds with short, upturned tails varying in color from brown to gray to buff.
They are typically small-bodied and have a flat head with upturned mouth.
They have upturned eyes, relatively short hind legs and extensive webbing between the toes of the hind feet.
Their upturned bright-yellow eyes are characteristic of this frog.
Their mouths typically upturned to allow them to easily eat off the surface of the water.
Their mouths are typically upturned to allow them to easily eat off the water's surface.
Their mouths typically upturned to allow them to easily eat off the water's surface.
Bill is nearly as long as head and slightly upturned.
It has a slightly down-curved beak and a short, upturned tail.

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