uptight in a sentence

Example sentences for uptight

If you're frantic and uptight, they can make things easier.
Everyone gets so uptight, but you might as well enjoy it when you're there.
It is often perceived as uptight and reactionary, mainly because its function is to uphold existing law.
The other reps are so uptight and tense they don't even talk to one another.
Don't be so uptight you miss the fun while you're working and learning.
She was a lot more uptight doing it at that time because she wasn't sure what was going to happen.
Are you seriously gonna get so uptight bc the post didnt give you an exact play by play of the incidents.
His uptight, upright background has not prepared him for their easy-going deviousness.
Probation officers are kind of uptight, they're mission is to make you fail.
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