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Example sentences for uptick

There are pleasures to be had as well and the book concludes on an uptick.
Warming due to an uptick in solar output, by contrast, leads to warming of the entire atmospheric column.
There has been a slight uptick in natural disasters recently but well within statistical probability.
And with the uptick in demand, chocolatiers are throwing experimentation into overdrive.
If you follow mortgage purchase applications, then you know that the record low rates haven't caused much of an uptick in sales.
Unfortunately, if you consider permits, there's reason to believe starts' uptick is a blip too.
Look at the uptick in stories on obesity in the context of health care reform.
The picture on tornadoes is not straightforward, for this uptick in severe twisters is a new phenomenon.
Its ubiquity means that rising demand should provide an early indication of an uptick in manufacturing and construction.
With the additional problem of climate change, any significant uptick might be impossible.
When inflation is low and stable, a temporary uptick in consumer prices has far less impact on long-term price trends.
The city has also seen a significant uptick in investment.
Polls conducted after the fall of the unlamented colonel do not show a conclusive uptick in the president's popularity.
And if fewer abandon their carts before paying, retailers will see an uptick in sales.
If's it's mostly durable goods, it may be a temporary uptick as people cave in and buy a big necessity or two for the holidays.
There is so much money to be made whether gold is on the uptick or downtick.
Congratulations to those booksellers that see an uptick in sales.
Fewer behind on mortgages, building permits show uptick.
Despite the uptick in travel, hotel are still having difficult raising rates.
The uptick in healthy eats found in airports is part of a broader trend in the travel and hospitality industry.
The uptick in healthy eats found in airports is part of a broader trend in the travel and hospitality industry.
But anecdotally, local merchants say they've noticed an uptick in spending.
The apparent uptick in such incidents couldn't come at a worse time for the unemployed.
Yes, an uptick in interest costs can slow a galloping economy.
The uptick in government recruiting is obvious to students.
For every downsized salaryman there was an uptick in efficiency.
The current uptick is due to a nascent and gradual recovery in state economic activity.
However, sawmill capacity remains in place to meet an uptick in usage.
Law enforcement authorities usually see a bit of an uptick when it comes to vehicle thefts in the cold weather.
The past couple of weeks has seen an uptick in vehicle and boat registration business.
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