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But walk upstairs to the second floor, and the ancient corpses on display seem to tell a different story.
It had three rooms on the first floor and sleeping lofts upstairs.
He then places the seedlings under fluorescent lights upstairs in what he calls his pumpkin room.
We put hardwood floors in the upstairs of our house.
Out on the street, witnesses described what they had seen upstairs when several protesters tried to enter the hearing room.
And there are no water stains or anything of that sort on the upstairs walls.
So she took hold of the frog with two fingers, carried him upstairs, and put him in a corner.
When he comes into a house, he calls the servants by their names, and talks all the way upstairs to a visit.
He took up his burden again, and returned upstairs, looking about him and trying to account for the blood-spot.
Upstairs, the ninth-deck bar had also become a town plaza.
Upstairs, in the newly renovated balcony, guests drooped against the rails and fanned themselves.
Somewhere, upstairs, behind another door there had been a catastrophe.
Whoever was staying upstairs might still be in the bath, someone was bringing in the papers.
Many people choose business studies precisely because they don't have a lot going on upstairs.
Upstairs from the laboratory was a large criminal museum that served as a reference base.
She runs upstairs into a crowded house and starts begging for help from the doctor.
Every once in a while, he would bring the new game upstairs to test it out on his family.
Upstairs in the building, connected to all those wires, is the switch.
Several floors below is another kind of gate, a gate that in many ways has proven far more powerful than the one upstairs.
There are squirrels living in the spare bedroom upstairs.
He kept audio-editing equipment in an upstairs room.
How this buried region seeps into the upstairs world is part of the drama of the novel.
Bags of gold, silver, and paper currency arrived here by horse-drawn vans and were carted upstairs to the vaults.
Moments later she is seen entering the elevator for her final trip upstairs.
He confronted the armed teenagers who broke into his pub, only to be chased upstairs to his office.
There was an actual band member upstairs, but no one was interested.
Upstairs at that time, photos of all of the old deans of the dairy school lined a hallway.
Upstairs at that time, photos of all the old deans of the dairy school lined a hallway.
Greed and snobbery reign, and upstairs meets downstairs on the back stairs.
My upstairs neighbor had a leak that went unnoticed for several weeks.
Another upstairs closet conceals a stacked washer-dryer unit.
The two-car garage will be expanded to accommodate three cars and the four upstairs bedrooms will be enlarged.
Book an upstairs room and specify clearly if you also want a waterfront view.
The house has four bedrooms, one on the main level and three upstairs.
One has a wall of built-in shelves, and while neither have closets, there is a full walk-in closet in the upstairs hallway.
There are four bedrooms: three upstairs and one on the walkout lower level.
The master bedroom, upstairs, has panoramic views of the gulch.
The owner lives downstairs, and, rents out the upstairs two bedroom apartment.
The elegant home was a bit unusual for its time--it not only had a bathroom downstairs, but two more upstairs.
There is a large and elegant room upstairs that is available for parties and celebrations.
Dealer participation trades usually involve large size transactions for which upstairs firms compete.
The flames extended to the window of an upstairs apartment which caught that apartment on fire.
Upstairs they got into another verbal argument so to get away from him she went back downstairs.

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