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Many of my colleagues have received e-mail messages from students that have left them upset and rattled.
Yet the long economic slump has now upset everything.
So, any of you who are too upset about what someone else is doing with their tattoos really ought to find a new hobby.
Advocates for healthy school lunches are understandably upset.
Plainly his fellow ministers did think it was silly, but he claimed he was not upset.
The bright coloring warns predator birds that an upset stomach is probably not worth a monarch meal.
If a capricious third party decides to sneak in extra apples every day, eventually he's going to upset the cycle.
Some people will be upset and uncomfortable when they become aware of their prejudices and biases.
It's easy to see how the routine availability of large-scale genetic testing is going to upset a lot of people.
He had upset the rich and influential by ordering the demolition of some of their illegal buildings.
These invaders move into new ecosystems and upset the delicate balance of life.
If you are so upset and think there are too many people here why not start with yourself.
They move into habitats where they don't belong and upset the balance of life.
Before anyone gets too upset let me suggest some of the ways that this data could be skewed.
Hopefully it would be so fast that it doesn't upset the orbits of the major planets.
Not everyone, however, is certain the mountain is upset.
But its island ecosystem is also prone to invasive species that can upset the natural balance.
Imagine people being upset because the trees are actually doing better with warmer temps.
They're happy to see you, ride around on your shoulder, jump up on your lap and cry out with little squeals when upset.
Climate change has upset the natural rhythms and reactions of our planet.
Don't let the fact that the world is bigger than whatever box or model you have created upset you.
The only thing that upset me was to see the machine at the end get damaged.
Discuss with students why the balance of nature is upset when species become extinct.
Imagine that, and you begin to understand why some people are upset.
We're talking standard boiler-plate lingo here--nothing to get upset about.
He was bitterly upset when it was leaked that his successor had secretly been chosen, spoiling his managed exit.
Others referred to cadavers used in an embalming lab in a way that upset the families of anatomy-bequest donors.
But, he still gets easily stressed and upset if he can't figure out what she wants or where something for her is.
Not all professors are upset by the online test collection.
They all ended up having a lot of fun with it even though she was upset at first.
But in doing so he could upset the political apple-cart.
After his funeral, she was visibly upset and shaken.
Some on the shortlist would upset pro-lifers more than others, however.
The push for electric vehicles, in my opinion has been unfounded and a great upset.
Don't be surprised or upset if you don't get a response from a professor, though.
And the captain gets a little excited, a little upset.
He wondered if perhaps an e-mail message might have upset her.
Of what use is it that the cow gives plenty of milk if she upset the pail.
Alliteration may, also, be upset by an altered pronunciation.
They tried their best to upset him, for they had nothing to expect from him.
Persons under the shock of genuine affliction are not only upset mentally but are all unbalanced physically.
They were painful at first, but their constant resurgence at last altogether upset my balance.
They upset buckets and benches, so that he might break his shins over them, which he never failed to do.
Visitors can't help but speak in hushed tones so as not to upset the exquisite equilibrium.
It will help, however, to silence the vocal minority of users upset with receiving locked down phones.
But as our knowledge has exploded, so too has our power to upset the delicate balance of this complex organism.
If there are noises that upset him, he may be destroying things in an effort to escape, thinking he'd be safer somewhere else.
Some scientists were also upset by the way the measure has been handled.
Eyewitness accounts of animal behavior during eclipses describe other creatures, too, as seeming upset.
He believed in a natural, a social, almost a metaphysical order which it was neither possible nor desirable to upset.
Anti-political voters are upset about the political system, but they are generally not upset about their own lives.
For all practical purposes each side has roughly the same number of safe seats--seats in which a loss would be a major upset.
Good police officers know how to control their tempers, and know enough to understand why someone might be upset with them.
The purpose was to test the difficulty or ease of recovery from such an upset.
Insofar as the narrative is key, this is a big upset.
The science of climate change is being constantly refined, and political developments abroad may upset the best-laid plans.
Some egg producers objected, but no one else was too upset.
Indeed, if workers are upset, better that they blame foreign bosses than local ones.
But another, less noticed tax increase has some people even more upset.
In short, the stage was set for a dramatic upset in this month's election.
Most college graduates are vegetarians and will become cranky or upset if offered meat.
She became upset, then collapsed and died of a stroke.
The album presented a sinner who didn't seem particularly upset by his own sins.
He kept clearing his throat, as he always did when he was upset.
Blaine was upset this morning because he was remembering the robbery.
The narrator tried to defend his father, but he was upset also.
Even so, there is a distinct possibility of an upset.
She had warned me that he is brusque, and asked me not to upset him by bringing up the topic of human rights.
Wes was upset and depressed at having to leave the house.
She was upset by this news, and realized that it removed a certain low-grade freedom.
He gets genuinely upset when he encounters profanity in a movie.
What upset the prosecutors, apparently, was that she lied to their faces.
He is dreadfully upset and slips into church to pray for a miracle and forgiveness.
But his efforts upset some alumni, and budget shortfalls worry some of his supporters.
First, because of all the things to be upset about, climbing walls don't seem that bad.
Forging a medical note seems really too much to let it go, and the student's behavior is really making me upset.
If you're angry or upset, wait until the next day to send your message.
The public fight has upset students and disrupted academic life.
He even clutched his stomach to show how upset he was.
Altering the behavior of one cell or molecule can upset the entire system.
He politely turned down my prescription for a bone-strengthening drug, certain it would upset his stomach horribly.
She didn't show affection, and she didn't seek out her parents when she was upset.
Both upset the way certain hormones function in the body, earning them the designation endocrine disrupters.
And a meal of shellfish can produce the upset stomach and diarrhea of food allergy.
Despite the attempted clinical detachment of the nurse's description, it was obvious that she was upset, even distraught.
It doesn't seem to harm them, or cause stomach upset.
Naturally there's one group that would be mightily upset at closing the shipping locks: shipping companies.
To allow it to anger you and upset you is to deny reality.
Many archeologists, upset at any suggestion of cultural regression, refuse to acknowledge those losses as disadvantages.
Foreign countries once viewed up close and experienced in detail can upset them for this reason.
And my father told me to be quiet so as not to upset him.
It would be a poor use of tax dollars and would upset a tax payer as being extravagant.
And some people got upset when a dodgy paper was accepted by a journal, and they discussed giving the journal a cold shoulder.
Doing this experiment is inevitably going to upset some people, so surely it would make sense to find an alternative.
Most of them fish for a living, and they are truly upset due to the potential loss of income for the next several years.
He pouts when he's upset, and at odd moments he will burst into shrieks of laughter.
She was upset about it being dragged into the middle of something that really didn't involve her.
The board stayed quiet publicly, but sources say its members were upset.
Her body language conveyed that she was upset, estranged from the other jurors.
He was upset, almost in tears, because the agent had told him there would be a substantial charge to check his excess bags.
None intervened to correct or disparage the white actor, nor did they report being upset by his comments when questioned later.
If war upsets balances of power, it can also upset the balance of cool.
People were upset, people had no chance to vent, and nowhere to vent.

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