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Its style is decidedly more small town, though it has plenty of upscale restaurants and shops.
There is no way to accomplish that feat in a restaurant setting, however upscale.
Upscale ecotourism lodges can be seen in some of the more scenic mountain areas.
Upscale camping, where roughing it includes a morning waffle bar.
And finally, niche distributors are searching for distinctive content as a way to attract upscale, college-educated consumers.
It was billed for years as an upscale sub shop, with original recipes and high quality food.
Obviously avoid anything with ice-cubes unless in drinking in upscale places.
Indeed, in the prior years, these corporations relied on upscale business print newspapers and magazines.
Although mobile phones and cars are hardly similar, he is looking for colours and curves that convey a more upscale image.
And some of them are taking advantage of the new upscale stores that have moved into the neighborhood.
Realize that you won't be buying a mansion in an upscale area right now.
He worked on a lot of houses there and quickly discovered that legal parking was impossible to find in the upscale area.
Locals and visitors alike come for the relaxed environment complete with upscale shopping and dive bar lounges.
Soft plastic dashboard is out of place in an otherwise upscale interior.
And waitresses at an upscale restaurant who simply put flowers in their hair boosted their tips by seventeen per cent.
The company ran tasteful print ads in upscale food magazines.
The promoters, for security reasons, wanted an upscale crowd without too many gangster overtones.
If the upscale shops and restaurants near campus are any indication, the trend has continued if not accelerated.
On or off the beaten path, you'll be seduced by upscale restaurants and trendy bistros.
They're more active, upscale, and educated than average consumers.
Such high-quality meats are found mostly in upscale restaurants.
Taking their cue from the food-truck trend, a number of upscale hotels have initiated food trolleys.
But where some see only wine, others envision upscale hotels and throngs of tourists wining and dining.
Coffee shops, fitness clubs, sushi bars in what appears to be an upscale neighborhood.
But as the mania for huge kitchens grew unabated, everyone started thinking of stainless steel as generically upscale.
The chains that license these franchises, however, couldn't care less about upscale preferences.
These houses are as upscale as possible for tract homes.
They told him they wanted to give him a chance at the more upscale area of the market.
If so, you would be wrong, because there is a whole new domain in which the upscale brands are now competing to out-do each other.
Yet neither the upscale purchase nor the divorce was the biggest transition this vehicle represented.
It could be an upscale moviegoer's idea of the ultimate great date.
Thanks to a torrid real estate market, tens, maybe hundreds of thousands of upscale homeowners now sit atop such fat gains.
They skip first period and sneak into the woods near their upscale high school.
Many restaurants are making upscale versions adding lobster, truffles or other exotic ingredients.
Its residents will enjoy the downtown feel as well as the comfort of an upscale neighborhood.
Credit cards are rarely accepted at businesses, except for a few upscale hotels.
The merchandise is also available for purchase at a variety of upscale retailers.
The project includes private investment projects for new upscale residential and office and commercial space.
There are also two upscale hotel products coming to the downtown area.
Providing both affordable housing and upscale single family homes are key in maintaining balance and promoting growth.
Upscale restaurants serving locally-grown produce are in the headlines nationwide.
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