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Mango growers have suffered financial ups and downs.
My father's all right, he's known all sorts of ups and downs himself.
Why he went, what he did there, and all about his ups and downs.
Obviously they've had there ups and downs, booms and busts, over the years.
The awareness of your mental and emotional stage is the key for liberation from the extreme ups and downs.
In the interim, it has had its ups and downs, but the overall trend has been negative.
In fact, for all its ups and downs, after four months of action it's ended up pretty much where it started.
Hear her talk about the ups and downs experienced en route to realizing her life dream.
We can see the ups and downs, the ridges, the ledges of the sea bottom.
Natural populations don't tend to demonstrate the dramatic ups and downs of exponential population growth.
The ups and downs come with the territory in a city so dependent on a single industry.
On the other end are frequency regulation technologies that help cope with much smaller ups and downs over the course of a day.
Traveling in the cold certainly has its ups and downs.
Wood frogs can weather winter's ups and downs by literally freezing and thawing in step with fluctuating temperatures.
Sure, technology is making the dramatic ups and downs possible, but the computer is a mere tool.
And the future may hold ups and downs in their frequency.
After several years of ups and downs, the pop diva is back on top of her game, and the network will fete her.
So you see it has it ups and downs, but if you are getting interviews you will get there.
The rapid ups and downs of wind power need balancing by old generation fast spooling low efficiency gas plant.
Expect some ups and downs of climate but don't hold your breath for carbonaceous heat or glacier attacks anytime soon.
Everything in life is good, ups and downs, life is for living to the full.
T he scroll's journey in time was marked from the start by ups and downs.
Even the healthy, happy, successful ones have had their ups and downs.
The business survived a few more years with the usual ups and downs.
The relationship had been having its ups and downs for years, settling into ever more negative patterns of fighting.
But sugar was a political football, and it was subject to the ups and downs of the world market.
All of our ups and downs are lessons that the team can apply to any future project, from high school to college to careers.
The grand experiment seemed to be working, despite the ups and downs.
And you are untethered from the economic ups and downs-and whims-of a traditional employer.
While the trip had some ups and downs, it overall was simply fantastic.
Copper is less sensitive to the ups and downs of rich-world economies than it was, however.
But the changing fortunes of nuclear power have accentuated the ups and downs for uranium.
No place seems farther removed from the ups and downs of the world economy.
The luxury-goods industry is often said to be immune to such ups and downs, since the mega-rich go on spending no matter what.
Despite ups and downs, relations between the superpower and its unruly client have grown steadily closer over the decades.
The ups and downs of diplomacy used to be compared to the cycle of the seasons.
He knows that the climate has natural ups and downs imposed on such trends, and that cold snaps happen.
The optimists ascribe this simply to the ups and downs of the business cycle, and there is some truth in that.
Tiny fluctuations in her absurdly small daily earnings matter more to her than the ups and downs of any stock market.
Certainly, publications have their ups and downs, and some really great ones have gone out of business.
Take the seasonal ups and downs out of your energy bills and pay the same amount each month.
Depressive disorders are not the normal ups and downs that everyone experiences.

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