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Example sentences for uproarious

He was sometimes uproarious and was reputed to be of great physical strength.
It's true they didn't find him uproarious everywhere.
On screen, however, the play's final splashy set piece seems neither spontaneous nor uproarious.
They've traded some of their facetiousness and a lot of their spontaneity for a less uproarious but more serviceable comic style.
His quizzical expression at times evoked giggles and uproarious mirth.
Though small in physical scope, it is a big movie, full of big comic scenes including the uproarious sequence that ends the film.
Soon, five candidates had declared themselves to uproarious applause.
There is perhaps no more uproarious burlesque of the workings of the press.
He hits the bottle, and recites naughty limericks at an uproarious student-teacher party.
His laughter uproarious, his hands on his hips, discussed public anger with guffaws and shared quips.
The bar's modest facade belies the often uproarious vitality of its evenings.
Skeptics were confounded, and enthusiasm was uproarious.
The mob disperses, and the riotous spectacle gives place te uproarious jollity.
There was no lack of applause, it was spontaneous, unaffected and uproarious.
These remarks were received with uproarious applause.
Before he is halfway across the field, an uproarious cannonading and rapid musketry fire, commences all along the lines.

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