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Cuplike crowns above the canopy collect rainwater to keep the uppermost limbs hydrated.
Granulation, or bubbling, of the stellar surface can reveal how heat is being transported through the uppermost layers of gas.
The active layer of permafrost, the uppermost ground layer, thaws in the summer and freezes in the winter.
When meat is about half done, turn it over and dredge with flour, that skin side may be uppermost for final browning.
Methane in the uppermost atmosphere absorbs light, making the planet appear blue.
Likewise, the uppermost points mark sunrise and sunset on the summer solstice.
The highest or uppermost point, part, or surface of something.
In addition, one of the units houses residential space on its uppermost floors, which is devoted to rental apartments.
Water conservation is probably not uppermost in your mind as you empty your bladder.
Global warming, a long-range phenomenon, may not be uppermost in people's minds during an economic downturn.
The uppermost thought in many people's minds is which big name will be arrested for corruption next.
In the experiment the steam started to superheat immediately when the uppermost tube layer had uncovered.
The employer used a cantilevered scaffold arrangement at the uppermost floors.

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