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It's called heli-hiking, and once you try it, you'll never hoof it uphill for a view again.
One mile of uphill hiking puts you behind the falls cascading off a rock cliff.
Varied topography allows hikers to choose between leisurely strolls and intensive uphill climbs.
The rest of us followed well-worn sheep paths uphill-scrambling over rocks, slipping on pebbly scree.
It was an uphill trudge, introducing scientific animal care.
Again, the uphill ski is slightly advanced, and the weight is on the downhIll ski.
He followed the fence a few blocks before circling back uphill on what appeared to be a commercial street.
As the astronauts scoot along uphill, they will be de- scribing the terrain.
They drive on dark roads and then get out of the car and stumble uphill through the underbrush.
Delivering on these promises has been an uphill struggle.
The long, sinuous driveway leads uphill, shrouded in trees and lined by a rock wall.
Have the solar energy power turbines that transfer water from a downhill lake to an uphill lake.
Second, getting the water from the ocean to the desert requires moving it uphill, which also requires energy.
People also used to walk uphill in the snow to learn their letters in a one room shack.
But he faces an uphill fight to get the amendment approved.
In an industry as regulated and risk-averse as aircraft building, introducing these changes will prove an uphill struggle.
But getting out of the village-and finding a job-is an uphill climb.
The goal was to have a piece that cut the wind and still breathed well enough to allow for comfortable uphill travel.
It turns with the salmon in its teeth and runs straight uphill to some unseen hideaway.
Alpine plants are edging uphill and beginning to overrun rare species near mountain summits.
They are walking uphill, dragging little sleds full of snow behind them.
These clubs face uphill battles due to crowded streets and limited access to cycling trails.
Now, he's part of the uphill climb to try and close that gap.
But on the desktop side, the company still has an uphill climb.
The walk to and from school can't be uphill both ways, but going it alone might make it seem that way.
In the decade since they started, it has been an uphill struggle against tight budgets, political whims and local suspicion.
Siphoning can't be used to move water uphill to produce power.
Thank you all for bearing with me here, but it's indeed a long, uphill struggle to get across a breakthrough concept.
We pedaled madly uphill for a half hour or so in the heat, wondering if this had been such a good idea.
We kept following the road when it turned and climbed uphill through some pine trees.
In an electrolytic cell, the electrons are pumped in and they drive the reaction uphill, so to speak.
In the face of the entrenched skepticism of their colleagues, it is an uphill task.
So persuading drug companies to make highly selective drugs instead of broad-spectrum ones may prove an uphill struggle.
It has to drag itself uphill toward the inevitable crash.
So far, the campaign has been an uphill struggle for her.
The atmospheric pressure is necessary to get the liquid to flow uphill to begin with.

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