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Example sentences for updraft

The hawk drifted, riding an updraft, its screeching sound carrying over the thrum of the waves.
The air in the downdraft wrapped around the air in the updraft.
It was being sucked into the updraft of a storm cloud.
The fire's updraft, for example, sucks in air and generates winds that fan the flames.
He flipped his wrist, and the hat skimmed out the window and caught an updraft and soared.
But there was a great updraft in the scorching gulch.
As you might imagine, water vapor in a rising updraft will eventually freeze, or become supercooled.
In general, the stronger the updraft, the larger the hail.
The large hail that often precedes tornadoes forms as a result of the intense updraft feeding the thunderstorm.
Without the updraft of warm humid air, the tornado's spiraling winds unravel and weaken, and it falls apart.
Thunderstorms that have a strong updraft keep lifting the hailstones up to the top of the cloud so they continue to grow.
The updraft which initiated the cloud's growth no longer prevails and is joined by a downdraft generated by the precipitation.
Every thunderstorm has an updraft, a channel of rapidly rising air, or wind moving straight up in the center of the storm.
In all cases, the hail falls when the thunderstorm's updraft can no longer support the weight of the ice.
In any case, when the ice at last becomes too heavy to be supported by the updraft, it falls to the ground.
Some of these could be swept up in the updraft that occurs when the air swirls back up off the ground.
Updraft velocity is treated as constant in results reported here, but any time-dependent updraft velocity can be employed.
It is defined as a thunderstorm consisting of one quasi-steady to rotating updraft which may exist for several hours.
The stronger the updraft, the more weight of rain and hail that can be supported.
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