update in a sentence

Example sentences for update

To update your login or account information, please visit your account homepage.
Please update when any information comes about regarding the other markings.
Update traditional place settings with a casual, colorful new take.
The update tweaks existing features and adds a few brand new ones.
If you've been on the market before, ask your references to update their letters as soon as possible.
To update your account information, please visit your account homepage.
Here, an update and audio outtakes from some of those accidental celebrities.
Please accept my apologies for letting this blog go so long without an update.
The editors will present an update of their journals' metrics.
Half an hour later an update came: the subject had been located.
Get an update on efforts to retrieve missing artifacts.
As its name suggests, it is meant to be an update to today's mobile-network technology.
Traffic lights could alert cars when they are about to change, or broadcast the latest congestion update to waiting vehicles.
It makes a fresh copy each time a new application is installed and even after a windows update.
Rather than update their poverty line, they propose to abandon it.
Update an antique hutch or built-in buffet with a fresh coat of paint and a pretty fabric skirt.
After a thorough and thoughtful update, this is now.
Please post an update at some point, if you get a chance.
They should also run an annual seminar to update their teaching colleagues on changes in the field.
At home, my laptop is so ready to update that it can barely be constrained.
Update to mobile operating software should fix problems with battery life.
To update your delivery address, please log in to our online subscription management centre and follow the instructions.
We have released an update to fix this problem for future issues.
TomTom, a maker of navigation devices, uses connection data from mobile networks to update directions if there are delays.
All the regulatory agencies are beginning to realize it's important to update approaches and look at all of the available science.
Why can't nuke plants simply update their diesel plant and fuel storage for longer term use and environmental protection.
Please update this in future as more research is done.
Normally, the browser has to make a request every time it wants an update.
There will come a milestone, and we'll give people an update.
Before the update, the phone could easily last through a day of moderate use.
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