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Example sentences for upcoming

Ideally, the two-week event gives a network a chance to promote upcoming series and to reinforce its image.
She says she uses it largely to connect with other higher-education professionals, to find out about upcoming events or research.
For upcoming global warming the current separation of continents might make thinks quite different, though.
Excellent summary of the potential upcoming effects of global warming.
It will be interesting to see what roles energy security and the environment play in the upcoming presidential election.
It's not some new unexplained mystery of the universe or the upcoming launch of a space telescope that is unnerving them, though.
Check out six more fighters appearing in the upcoming brawler.
Check the links below for details on upcoming soccer broadcasts.
But doing so will be a priority for the upcoming generation none the less.
Don't expect much discussion in the upcoming election season about feeling better while having less.
The results will be released in an upcoming report, and will likely be fascinating.
We'll be looking at both for upcoming holiday gift guide.
In these upcoming episodes, you're going to see another exciting boys' number.
By narrow application of military law, the upcoming trials may indeed leave it as such.
However, no guarantee is made that all upcoming purchases have been included on this page.
During the upcoming week, some things seem not to work at all, but by studying the problem you will learn something.
Ponder your upcoming actions, and talk things over with a partner.
During the upcoming week, hidden emotional issues may become apparent.
In the upcoming week, perform acts of kindness and enjoy tranquility by taking steps to ensure you don't repeat past mistakes.
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