unwrap in a sentence

Example sentences for unwrap

Unwrap the mints and seal them inside the freezer bag.
Later, they crept back to unwrap the pipe cleaners and retrieve the uneaten bugs.
Unwrap the empanadas and space them evenly on the sheet.
The preparation requires no cutting or fancy folding of parchment paper, and lets each diner unwrap a fragrant, smoky package.
Unwrap your foot and scrub the areas with a pumice stone.
Every few days, he would unwrap the cake, jab it with an ice pick and douse it in whiskey.
Security officers will unwrap items if a closer look is necessary.
Unwrap the stories behind four new holiday albums.
Airport security might unwrap your gift to inspect it, even if you tell them what it is in advance.
Pull dough from freezer and unwrap onto lightly floured surface.
It is a time to figure out what you're in for this year, as well as the first chance to unwrap the goodies of your team.
He continues to unwrap the linen and soon one observes this strange apparition, if it can be termed one, with no head.
Security officers may have to unwrap gifts to inspect them.
Key exchange allows only the intended recipient to unwrap the needed key to decrypt data.
Concrete began to unwrap from the top of the tower, first peeling counter-clockwise, then in both directions.
If security officers need to inspect a package, they may have to unwrap it.
In order to determine if the contents of a package are a threat, a security officer may need to unwrap and inspect the item.
He attempted to loosen the chain from the tree so he could unwrap the chain from around the tree.
Don't even unwrap a piece of candy or gum without first washing your hands.
Gifts from the sea packaged in a shiny gray bottle waiting for us to unwrap them on the surface.
Kids are simply less active today-and more likely to unwrap fatty meals than to prepare healthy ones.
Unwrap the fish and serve it up with your favorite fixins.
Either the collector or the donor, with both present, shall unwrap or break the seal of the collection container.
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