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Example sentences for unwound

He then quickly unwound a high pressure hose and aimed the jet at the attackers, forcing them to withdraw.
In theory, all these imbalances could be unwound gradually over a long period.
All the chaebol say they have already unwound cross-guarantees among their affiliates.
The crisis, however, merely exposed the underlying imbalances and unwound some of them.
But that carry trade has now been unwound as interest rates elsewhere have plunged.
Some research suggests that such high deficits tend to be unwound quickly, by a rapid downward adjustment in the currency.
Another striking difference in this case is how quickly it seems to have unwound.
Several big economies are being supported by expansionary fiscal and monetary policies, which will eventually have to be unwound.
The federal courts have not unwound the many decisions which endorsed and legitimized much of that authority.
Alas, not much sooner than you've finally unwound, it's time to reverse the process.
The top-right image shows the coils completely unwound.
If you threw it high into the air, the string unwound and the parachute blossomed.
The drum would turn as the cable unwound while the weight dropped into the pit in the foundation of the light-house.
Of course, it sent a chill while investors unwound the truth.

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