unworldly in a sentence

Example sentences for unworldly

The water was murky, which only added to the mood of unworldly discovery this bizarre apparition is clearly meant to impart.
Actors also portray ghosts and other unworldly creatures.
These so-called scholars are a profoundly petty, unworldly and intellectually average lot.
Poe's life was tragic, but he was about as unworldly as a bale of cotton.
When a human being without amplification makes a sound that is high and loud, it is almost unworldly.
Celia was well read but unworldly, devout but questioning.
Some are edible, some are poisonous, and others produce unworldly hallucinations when consumed.
Susan herself was raised in the area and though that's where she is now, by no means is she unworldly.
When the incinerator is in operation, it produces an unworldly whir.

Famous quotes containing the word unworldly

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