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Witness rarely seen wild creatures, and discover how their unique behaviors unwittingly serve each others' survival.
Some players entered quarantine zones for a look-see and left, unwittingly taking the disease with them.
But deer are also thriving because of the ways people have carved up the countryside, unwittingly creating prime deer habitat.
They were unwittingly promulgating the net's first truly malicious chain letter.
Your fantasy does exist and is shared unwittingly until now by many of us fellows-without-fellowships.
Other contenders have eliminated themselves unwittingly.
His life seems to have no meaning, until he unwittingly stops a bank robbery.
By anthropomorphizing their products, robot designers may unwittingly be encouraging needless bloodshed.
Unwittingly they help each other by having someone for whom to care.
Many of these tourists are unwittingly visiting a country with shocking crime statistics.
By answering their e-mail, even to give false information, you may unwittingly fall into the trap.
He quickly accepts the invite and jumps out of his game, unwittingly losing whatever progress he'd made in the single-player game.
The two tech giants have been unwittingly blazing trails for each other.
Of course, we're already unwittingly running such a global scale experiment.
In the process, they may be unwittingly kicking off the next great entrepreneurial boom.
However unwittingly they are only revealing their manipulative and propagandist mind-set.
He closed his eyes and grasped the elbows of the chair, touching unwittingly the lady's arm.
It is almost pathetic to see them labor so, climbing the mountain and unwittingly guiding us to their treasures.
Gym rats and others unwittingly step into a trap in the quest for turbocharged virility.
He ran in a two-point conversion to tie the game, unwittingly suggesting that running back might be a more natural position.
The whole setting is a trap that he unwittingly designed.
It remains possible, though unconfirmed, that he unwittingly drank hot soup made from her bones.
In other words, worm grunters have been unwittingly imitating mole sounds.
One could also imagine producing, again perhaps unwittingly, viruses that are immune to existing vaccines.
It was being used unwittingly as a placeholder-a decoy.
The animals might then unwittingly spread the bacterium from one oasis to the next.
And researchers wonder if useful traits may have been unwittingly lost along the way.
One chomp can unwittingly take out an entire colony.
Humans have trashed them unwittingly but with a terrifying thoroughness.
Some insects, such as pseudoscorpions, were unwittingly pulled into the resin by other creatures.
The protesters, who occupied oil installations, claimed that many of them would lose their land unwittingly.
Yet it is a taste that many have, sometimes unwittingly, acquired.
Climate change is arguably an experiment which mankind has unwittingly found itself performing on the planet.
However, he either wittingly or unwittingly eschews the moral view of government.
Corporations should be careful because they may unwittingly be shrinking their consumer base over the long run.
Use caution, as pedestrians and tourists often unwittingly step into the bike lane.
Chung has unwittingly stumbled upon the latest battleground in maternity care.
Once infected you may unwittingly transmit viruses to other workstations.
The individual may unwittingly be relying on bogus pricing and false promotional information from spam email or faxes.
Failure to appreciate the toxic properties of cadmium may cause workers to be unwittingly exposed to dangerous fumes.
Many consumers belatedly discovered they had unwittingly purchased memberships in several different clubs.
If you return the call, you may be unwittingly putting money into the pockets of scam artists.
Certain abusive or exploitative lenders target these borrowers, who unwittingly may be putting their home on the line.
Early investors spread their tales of success to unwittingly entice new investors into the scam.
In some cases, you might unwittingly be letting others know where you live and work and your travel patterns and habits.
People may spread the parasite unwittingly on fishing equipment, or by improper disposal of fish entrails.

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