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The body louse, a plague to humans and our ancestors for millions of years, subsists exclusively on our unwitting hospitality.
But they note that social-networking sites have been used by cyber-bullies and online predators to target unwitting users.
When heavy winds coincide with especially high tides, it becomes liquid chaos and disaster for the unwitting seafarer.
It seems to be almost unintentional, perhaps unwitting.
And there's another hump: training legions of unwitting employees how to accept the thing.
Your unwitting recipient can only imagine the contents of the box, unless he or she gets naughty and figures out how to open it.
The movie even implies that his decision to testify may make him an unwitting tool of the system.
More, unwitting and untrained, lines up with these athletic wizards to go through the testing routines.
Even worse, the fact that they held her to a higher standard was unwitting.
The flaws in this system soon became tragically apparent, ruining many unwitting investors.
We've taken a big risk by turning ruminants into unwitting cannibals and carnivores.
The only exception is petty crime against unwitting and unobservant tourists.
Your unwitting complicity in the degradation of the planet begins the moment you wake up.
Instead, he made a video, and placed it in a popular forum where the unwitting and ignorant have fallen for it.
All too often, unwitting consumers splurge on a steak dinner and end up with shoe leather.
In the process, they have converted these patients into unwitting research volunteers.
Unwitting investors then purchase the stock in droves, creating high demand and pumping up the price.
Unscrupulous promoters typically try to lure in as many unwitting investors as possible to maximize their returns.
The jury was instructed on the affirmative defense of unwitting possession.

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