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Example sentences for unwind

Calming, orderly, serviceable entries allow you to unwind and relax.
Then, after you land, check in and go somewhere to relax and unwind and revel in your new surroundings for a bit.
Adults-only zones and flexible dining options offer parents a chance to unwind and relax.
On your way there you will have four days to relax and unwind from all the stress of life.
S he teaches yoga because it allows us to unwind, relax and be with ourselves.
When resilin is swollen with water, its coils can rotate freely, which allows the proteins to unwind as they elongate.
It was an entertaining way to unwind after a day of research.
The gatherings allow professors to get to know each other in an informal setting as they unwind from their busy week.
Happy hours and dinners at the local pub can be a great way to unwind and meet with other grad students.
It took a while to unwind, to savor the surprise of the music.
At eleven-thirty, our late crowd arrives-mostly the opera talent coming in to unwind after the performance.
Recall that when an egg cooks, its proteins first unwind and then link to form a rigidifying mesh.
Yet they missed the contact, the chance to unwind with someone who knew the other so well.
There's no need to unwind government mail service all at once.
They also tend to be longer cruises, allowing you plenty of time to unwind and forget about the stresses of everyday life.
The area is a popular beach vacation destination where you can unwind, commune with nature and visit exciting beachfront parks.
Casinos are a fun place to go and unwind, and to spend time with friends and loved ones.
Guests are encouraged to partake in the free daily breakfast buffet or to unwind in the outdoor pool.
Start the day with a free hot breakfast, enjoy a dip in the indoor pool or unwind in the whirlpool.
Guests can unwind in the indoor swimming pool and sauna, or keep in shape in the high-tech fitness center.
The scenic courtyard, with terra-cotta tiles and a lovely fountain, is the ideal place to unwind after a day of sightseeing.
Bear markets take a while to unwind, and the final throes can be extremely unpleasant.
In addition to strolling along the beach, you can unwind by the pool or rent a bicycle to explore the island.
Unwind in your air conditioned accommodations with the usual amenities such as a cable television and daily maid service.
Sometimes they need a place to unwind and, as it were, to uncork.
The great ones surprise us as their solos unwind, but their sound is always identifiable.
There are multiple pinch points on the roll-fed feed end unwind stand.
The trend is unlikely to change soon, even as fiscal pressures compel governments to unwind their large stimulus packages.
Emerging economies can, and should, unwind their stimulus and raise interest rates before inflation takes off.
The firm has no good reason to unwind the relationship or distinguish between physical and virtual cards.
The bigger these imbalances become, the more painful it will be to unwind them.

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