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Bar soap is a convenient option for the bathroom, but when a bar gets to be too small, it becomes unwieldy and inconvenient.
Now the agency has decided that things were a bit unwieldy and it is reorganizing the seven departments into three divisions.
Scholars who are familiar with such citations agree that the current formats remain unwieldy.
German spelling does need overhauling: over the decades, it has grown more unwieldy.
The trouble with that process is that it could prove unwieldy.
But as a whole, the unit felt unwieldy and difficult to maneuver.
Mine seems particularly egregious, although it has the same unwieldy construction as the rest of its species.
Others suggest that the aim is to ensure the election of a weak, unwieldy parliament.
We only used rear ones, and my mountain bike felt unwieldy and heavy to me.
And if unwed females become too unwieldy they're more likely to get knocked off during a good grooming.
That's a market the unwieldy throw-bots have cornered.
Existing terahertz sources are, however, either too unwieldy or too weak to suit all of these uses.
Those early handguns were heavy, inaccurate, and unwieldy by today's standards.
The grid took more than a century to grow into the unwieldy beast it is now.
In past years, a comparably unwieldy novel might never have been adapted at all.
Their skinny tyres and pudginess can make them woefully unwieldy in the wet.
Terrain, on the other hand, can make the phalanx utterly unwieldy.
The second was whether, in managing an unwieldy and disparate coalition, it could get much done.
But the unwieldy size of the database raises doubts.
First, enlist the aid of a partner if the ladder is unwieldy or will require guarding while you are aloft.
Worse, nowadays, new oil tends to be found in relatively inaccessible spots or in more unwieldy forms.
If an election is held, the outcome could be an unwieldy coalition government.
Record keeping and sharing is seamless and electronic, rather than unwieldy and paper-based.
The breakup will be the second in two years for the company, once an unwieldy conglomerate.
The goal here is two-fold: first, to streamline the unwieldy wiring diagrams that have evolved over time.
The region's unwieldy conglomerates could do more to help themselves achieve global scale by concentrating on fewer businesses.
In addition, he says, energy directives are unwieldy and governments have been unwilling to work together.
The authors, too, may bemoan the festival's increasingly unwieldy size.
Instead, she said that the program had become unwieldy and that it was not up to the academic standards of a university.
My unwieldy locks had been tamed to the extent that they no longer required the discipline of a tightly wound bun.
And the amount of water they suggest you have on hand is unwieldy, and that needs to be replaced every few months.
Where the graceful lambs played but now, unwieldy sea calves gambol.
Separating these neighborhoods between two countries would create an unwieldy and unsustainable border.
While this is a great size to shred for gratins, it is a trifle unwieldy for turning into sandwiches or putting on crackers.
The challenge will be continuing to grow without getting unwieldy.
But for all those large and unwieldy items you want to move.
However, as they mature and their size and weight make tree climbing unwieldy, they transition to mainly ground-dwelling.
Ten years later the unwieldy process was on its way to the scrap heap.
The bags are so unwieldy that one of the figures stumbles.
Its goal is to change laparoscopic surgery from an unwieldy operation to an effortless one.
And when the pod grows to an unwieldy size, it splits matrilineally.
Six motors would be too unwieldy, complex, and expensive.
Because of their expense and unwieldy size, early computers- which came to be known as mainframes- served many people.
The kindle is easier on the eyes than a paper book is, lighter, and less unwieldy.
They considered enlarging the individual petals or adding a second row but ruled out both options as unwieldy.
From a practical point of view, a million card deck is unwieldy.
Tablets are too heavy and unwieldy to be used comfortably as notepads all day long.
To make things worse, his prose style is an unwieldy farrago of clichés.
Complex and unwieldy regulations have been imposed, but are not working, indeed arguably were always misguided.
Now, with the economy slowing, this mix of businesses looks increasingly unwieldy.
Then there is the voting system, which has a way of inflicting unwieldy coalition governments on the country at all levels.
Such bags, though, are heavy and unwieldy-particularly if they have to be filled far from the breach and then carried there.
For the foreseeable future governments are likely to be unwieldy coalitions.
The fixes can make models complex and unwieldy, confusing traders or deterring them from taking up new ideas.
But as deliberate manifestations of enthusiasm, they can be unwieldy.
Then you can cut your unwieldy, over-manned civil service.
Admittedly, the qualification list is unwieldy, but that is better than being so wrong.
Unfortunately, the ambitious concept proves too unwieldy to work as a consistent album.
Injuries and strains can occur while lifting and loading heavy, unwieldy objects.
It is somewhat unwieldy and can be difficult to use.
Some of the current methods of measurement require expensive, heavy equipment or unwieldy air bag samplers.
Interpersonal dynamics and conflicts plus unwieldy committee structures are perplexities that add to the evaluation controversy.
Injuries and strains often occur while lifting and loading these heavy, unwieldy objects.

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