untruthful in a sentence

Example sentences for untruthful

The court noted that prosecutors made no attempt to correct the untruthful testimony of government witnesses.
It talks about if you're untruthful in small things, you should be disbelieved in big things.
As an attorney, you full well knew that omissions in testimony are in fact untruthful.
Unfair, untruthful or purposely deceptive advertising can result in costly penalties.
Being untruthful or concealing relevant facts during your visa application may result in your ineligibility for a visa.
Refusing to answer or making untruthful answers could result in fine, imprisonment, or both for contempt of court.
Speaking indirectly about the subject could be seen as a sign that individuals are being untruthful.

Famous quotes containing the word untruthful

Edith: Does anybody want me to flatter and be untruthful? Hotchkiss: Well, since you ask me, I do. Surely i... more
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