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But there's nothing particularly untrue or dishonest about this hilarious piece.
But many other points made are either untrue, misleading, or false.
It is the bringing forward something in writing or in print purporting to be of certain effect when it is altogether untrue.
Taken together, these studies demonstrate that popular stereotypes of marijuana users are unfair and untrue.
As with many cherished stories, though, this is untrue.
If it's untrue, then we're probably due for a confusing day in the echo chamber.
It makes great headlines, but it's laughably untrue.
Claims that vaccines cause autism are not only untrue, they're dangerous.
It is quite easy to praise him without offering an observation that is obviously untrue.
People were warned that churches would lose their tax-exempt status, which was untrue.
It's now clear that the secularization theory is untrue.
But the prophecy about people not liking him turned out, surprisingly, to be untrue.
But he was not so much the idealist that he chose to declare it untrue.
Untrue for thirty years, this is now the opposite of the truth.
Such a profoundly untrue statement would never be made, even if spinal fusion was to be considered.
The story as told remains untrue, so intolerance of it remains well founded.
The moment looks dramatic, but as staged it's untrue.
We now know for certain that this statement was true in its particulars but untrue in its meaning.
The myth that independent educational consultants opportunistically prey on the fears of families is simply untrue.
The idea that moving words exclusively to digital format is more environmentally sound is untrue.
However, that doesn't necessarily make it conspiracy laden or untrue, but untested.
Because you hid yourself from this knowledge didn't make it untrue.
It is patently untrue what you are saying about eternal hatred.
When a story about it is distorted or untrue, it makes healing our differences harder.
The misuse of statistics to persuade the public about things that are untrue or misleading is pervasive.
In other words, the truism that more information is always better proved untrue when life got a little messy.
Their claim is that anthropogenic global warming began in the late seventies which is patently untrue.
It is one in which there is no way to prove it is untrue.
Study after study has shown this to be completely untrue.
To claim so is simply untrue and has no basis in reality.
Aside from being untrue, the claim misses a larger point.
She adds that suggestions by her ex-husband that she also worked as an escort are untrue.
His defenders claim that he has never been convicted, but this is untrue.
But if they were untrue, it shows an odd lack of mettle to have given up because of them.
Even if the reports are untrue, research into superconductivity has been blossoming elsewhere.
Perhaps, especially if the complaints against him are shown to have been untrue, unproven or exaggerated.
And those doubts are irrational, because the charges levelled against enlargement are mostly untrue or exaggerated.
While a mildly interesting read, its implication that intellectual curiosity has gasped a dying breath is simply untrue.
The idea that road traffic and air traffic are not subsidised is simply untrue.
Saying something untrue over and over does not make it the truth but it is the definition of insane.
But it is simply untrue to believe wars are all about poverty and economics.
Today that is often untrue, simply because so many families are falling apart.
It also was reportedly the home to wanton violence by roving gangs, although many of those reports were later shown to be untrue.
In a worse case scenario, that is completely untrue.
Not to suggest that the allegations are untrue, and certainly not to justify them.
In actuality, it presents statements that it argues are facts but in some cases are actually either untrue or misleading.
They'll argue about it but never change their minds despite mountains of evidence showing their claim to be untrue.
But that does not imply that evolution is therefore untrue.
Given untrue hypotheses, it's trivial to reach all sorts of untrue conclusions.
The implication that only weak-minded and weak-willed people need medication for their mental problems is unfair and untrue.
Your statement regarding unvaccinated populations is also untrue.
Not talking about something that is true doesn't make it untrue.
Others are vocal advocates of nonsense, saying things that are proven beyond reasonable doubt to be untrue.
He claims there have been no advancements from space exploration, but this is obviously untrue.
The idea of extraplanetary colonization is to make that statement untrue.
It is untrue that the court was mislead and unfair for the judge to penalize the defense.
Your response greatly amuses me because it is built entirely on a foundation of twisted and untrue statements.
It is untrue that your cell phone number will be released to telemarketers.
Providing untrue information regarding qualifications to take an examination.
The stereotypes were broad, if not entirely untrue, and there the discussion mostly ended.

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