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Granted a few serious scholars look at singlehood, not as a default status, but as a status unto itself.
As a result, rage is becoming an ideology unto itself.
When your turn comes, do unto others as you would have had them do for you.
And the weather that shapes our environment can be a subject unto itself.
The simplest reason is that the company is an economy unto itself.
It is now only emitting lava, and no more water is running unto the volcano and turning the hot lava into ash.
The first stage, really an algorithm unto itself, builds clusters of names from the adjacency requests.
So it's no surprise that the brain remains a mystery unto itself.
There is no evidence that things left unto themselves improve.
But to be fair, his capacity for affection stretches farther than that, even unto another gender.
And there were borne unto him seven sons and three daughters.
Vengeful philanthropy: it was a category unto itself.
Hear my prayer, o lord, and let my cry come unto thee.
But that has not stopped the small nation from becoming a travel destination unto itself.
All the characters seem to be a species unto themselves.
And, aesthetically, they are worlds unto themselves.
Each of these three small beaches are a jewel unto themselves.

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