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The falls might have saved the forests by making logging there untenable.
The stop-snitching movement is untenable as social policy.
It goes without saying that the vision was untenable.
What will never ease hatred and violence is the untenable status quo.
But as software becomes vital to many aspects of our lives, this situation seems to become more and more untenable.
Pure replacement and pure cultural diffusion seems untenable as a robust explanation.
Say you are agnostic, but to claim the negative is untenable.
Other instances abound, but to deny the role of faith in everyday life is untenable.
They don't seem to understand that the status quo is untenable.
Sea changes in policy, such as decriminalization or legalization of drugs, look politically untenable.
Needless to say, it would be self-defeating to make requests that would produce untenable conflicts in the partner.
Viewers who find either untenable should steer clear.
Right now, refugees are in an untenable position of having to prove something that they can't prove.
The old city-versus-suburb view is outdated and untenable.
Almost every item revealed such serious flaws that belief in the genuineness of the entire group became untenable.
Within a day the campaign staff realized that our position was untenable.
Affixing to each a reductive label is untenable for all sorts of reasons.
US-sponsored bilateral negotiations have become a formula for sustaining an otherwise untenable status quo.
There has been so much distrust, damage and bad feelings that it's kind of untenable.
As the trend continues more and more bizarre behavior is seen until the situation becomes untenable and comes crashing down.
It seems you fall substantially short of supporting that untenable position as you instead opted to hurl insults and barbs.
Unfortunately the politics of ignorance and special interest groups have made any such consideration untenable.
Such a proposal would have been socially, politically and legally untenable given the standards of the day.
The molecular gene concept is scientifically untenable.
There is so much marriage-bashing in our culture and media, and speculation that marriage is untenable.
But there were obvious contradictions in play, some of them untenable.
With their position absolutely untenable, the column charged the sniping tank.
Coming from the guy who was so desperate to get himself elected, he signed contracts with unions that were financially untenable.
These conditions would be untenable for advancing fire fighters.
Which makes his bargaining position here somewhat untenable.
Instead he could resign, arguing that his former ally had made his position untenable.
The level of debt has become untenable, but the options for reducing it are not enticing.
Your naiveté is astonishing and you confirm it every time with your irrelevant,untenable and purely emotional posts.
The game is over, your little experiment shows how untenable it truly is to tie a group of countries under one failed mandate.
That's untenable, but not in the way anti-Euro types think.
There are still untenable views driving politics in this country.
We've created an economic condition that is untenable.
And it's interesting how hungrily leaders eye replacement systems when previous structures become untenable.

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