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Example sentences for unsuspecting

Some predators take on the appearance of harmless animals or flowers to surprise unsuspecting prey.
But that there were ways to dramatize this to an unsuspecting world was the keenness of my understanding.
Serve side-by-side to an unsuspecting friend, and get their reaction.
Two more unsuspecting adults infected with the joy of crawling through a cardboard fort with a band of life-size puppets.
In one experiment, he had unsuspecting subjects eat soup from bowls that continually refilled from the bottom.
On reaching gently sloping coastlines the tsunami slowed down, shoaled and rose many meters to descend on unsuspecting humans.
The spider uses this disguise to hide in plain day and pick off unsuspecting ants who venture too close.
Nuclear reactors are so expensive to run that they are subsidised by selling some electricity to unsuspecting taxpayers.
Lurking in these holes, the ants grab the legs and antennae of unsuspecting insects.
Deep beneath an ancient ocean, a flatworm stalked its unsuspecting prey.
Find out what happened and how it was unleashed on millions of unsuspecting people.
There is the usual array of scammers out to prey on unsuspecting visitors, however.
Spinning complex webs of incredible strength, the versatile spider makes things sticky for unsuspecting prey.
But software can also be pushed onto an unsuspecting user's computer without ever asking for permission.
Said senior citizen has been dropped more than a few times by unsuspecting but well-meaning caretakers.
The scenarios usually involve an out-of-control trolley car hurtling down a track toward a group of five unsuspecting people.
The whiff of scandal that year brought larger, unsuspecting audiences to the screenings.
Shadow enters a stealth mode, lurking in the dark as he approaches unsuspecting enemies.
Throughout the narrow streets, bikers speed along, terrorizing unsuspecting pedestrian tourists and whizzing past stopped cars.
Unsuspecting dinner guests are woven into the plot and subject to interrogation.
It is a pretty sight, and the unsuspecting visitor might take satisfaction from the obvious health of the reeds.
To the unsuspecting motorist in the first vehicle, three things then happen in quick succession.
When snapping a spectacle-a coronation, say, or a parade-he trained his camera on the unsuspecting bystanders.
Phishers send out millions of e-mails in an attempt to steal personal and financial-account details from unsuspecting dupes.
These thieves target unsuspecting vehicle owners when they are pumping gas or paying the tab in the station.
False job postings are listed online and used to illegally collect personal information from unsuspecting job seekers.
But as in any other business, there are also some who prey on unsuspecting taxpayers.
Scam artists and deceptive businesses prey on unsuspecting consumers by offering deals that really are too good to be true.
Invariably, this leads to the rise of illegitimate enterprises hoping to take advantage of the unsuspecting.
Unfortunately for unsuspecting consumers, the check is a fake and the opportunity is a scam.
It often buries itself in the mud with only its nostrils and eyes showing, waiting for unsuspecting prey.
The detectives observed the suspects forcibly remove property from two unsuspecting citizens.
The corpses are filleted, cooked and served to unsuspecting customers.
He often grabs unsuspecting friends for a dramatic tango across barroom floors.
Unscrupulous telemarketers have duped more than one unsuspecting consumer.

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