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Scientists are unsure what factor or combination of factors is responsible for the decline.
The police said all of the killings were linked, but they were unsure of the motive.
The government, which never foresaw such an eventuality, seems unsure.
Samaras remained unsure of where exactly he should leave the probe.
Scientists had previously been unsure of the role of glial cells, that is, whether they slowed or accelerated plaque formation.
Abroad it seems unsure of who its friends and enemies are.
If you're ever unsure about protocols simply watch or ask locals.
Researchers were unsure whether different species used fundamentally different mechanisms, or variations on a basic theme.
Small private firms are often unsure whether what they do is even legal.
But researchers have been unsure whether this sea-level rise happened quickly or gradually.
As an example take physics, people are proving all the time its effects, and science is still unsure.
Western governments are unsurprisingly wary of fully endorsing the fledgling council, unsure of whom it represents.
Unsure why people have problems with evolutionary psychology.
Graduate students and postdocs are often unsure how that office works and, for that reason, hesitate to make use of it.
Taken aback, policymakers now seem unsure how much protection to offer creditors of other basket-cases.
The lesson here is if you are unsure about the science of something do what works for you.
The scientists are unsure why only chocolate had that effect.
Artists and writers working on new projects often report feeling scattered and unsure.
Scientists are unsure how, or if, the disease is spread from bat to bat.
Check with hotel personnel if you are unsure about the safest areas or modes of transportation.
Other than that, he seems rather unsure of his own core economic convictions.
The team is unsure why the sarcophagus holds three bodies, or even what the original state was.
With such a complicated set of symptoms, the doctors were unsure of what was wrong.
He spied an open doorway and stood paralyzed, unsure whether to proceed.
If it's not network-related, we're unsure what else it could be.
Some students may not be comfortable, but on the other hand, they may be nervous and unsure of who they can approach for help.
Unsure of when they will next feed, hyenas will gorge themselves whenever they can.
Check with your local nursery if you're unsure when to plant in your area.
It's okay to ask questions and it's okay to be unsure.
Adults may be unsure whom they are dealing with, even if a familiar teacher has signed on as a tour leader.
If you are unsure of your backcountry skills, hire a guide.
Even professional observers are now thoroughly unsure what he stands for.
The army often stood by, unsure whether to fight the militants or negotiate with them.
Syrians' are unsure how to react to the loosening of restrictions.
Pakistanis and foreign observers are still unsure what to make of the former cricketer.
She said this is the time to go with all the oil spill, the researchers are unsure where the oil will go with the current.
He looked and sounded unhappy and unsure of himself.
University librarians studying research behavior find that many students are unsure of how to use library resources.
Her lack of sophistication leaves me unsure whether she's of limited intelligence or simply shockingly naïve.
Researchers have been unsure what to make of these stars, which they estimated at around six million years old.
As the moment of impact approached, the crowd became silent, unsure of where to look or what to look for.
They were unsure which way led to the surface and which led deeper into the mountain.
Giaever also stated that he is unsure if the global commitment to implement more energy efficient technology is a possibility.
There will always be times when people are unsure of the best approach or disagree even on what the important questions are.
But scientists were unsure whether baboons could simultaneously put the two facts together.
He was certainly a better talker than he was a navigator, and it soon became clear that he was unsure of his way.
When a dog is dominant or unsure, it will stare at you and not look away.
Unsure of when they could return, they requested reference images for further research.
Unsure of what they stand for, people increasingly rely on money as the criterion of value.
The broad public opposes polygamy but is unsure why.
He suspects he'll make it another year, but after that he's unsure.
He may be unsure where he is, what time of day it is, how long he has been or will be held.
Many small companies are unsure how to take full advantage of this funding instrument.
Part of becoming a scholar is developing the confidence to tread on unsure ground, and thus to run the risk of making mistakes.
However, because he asked, that says to me that he is unsure about whether it's appropriate.
If you're unsure, we'd suggest waiting for a little while.
Unfortunately, scientists have been unsure how to detect water on distant planets.
He expected to lose weight, but was unsure about the other health outcomes of the diet.
Marine biologists are unsure whether marine life will be able to survive in an ocean with substantially increased acid levels.
He pits his wits against the elder generation which grudges leaving its comfortable position to unsure fellows.
But they were still unsure why the crash had happened.
His tone can be portentous or giggly, as if he is unsure who he is writing for or why.
The coalition may be unsure of itself but the rebels have taken a positive step.
Most of the businessmen who could play a big part in moulding politics are waiting on the sidelines, unsure which horse to back.
If you are unsure about an item not listed, contact your airline for clarification.
If you are unsure how to answer a question, you might reply with another question.
First-time world travelers and those unfamiliar with dealing in foreign currencies are often unsure.
Moreover, many ostensible believers are quite unsure of what they actually believe.
Earlier, the charges were dropped against one when she said she was unsure of her identification.
But investors were also unsure what the new legislation meant.
Next is the infirmary-a nurse is unsure what certain medicines do and how they should be stored.
If you're unsure of long-term goals, dream big and write them down.
We may agree that terrorism is wicked, but we're still unsure about how to answer it.
If you are unsure of the e-mail address with which you registered, contact our office.

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