unsteadily in a sentence

Example sentences for unsteadily

She rose unsteadily from her hospital bed to greet me, a shy smile on her face.
To express everything else she walks-unsteadily, fully clothed but barefoot-by the sea.
At the fulfillment center recently, one employee skated unsteadily down an aisle as the conveyor belt sat quietly.
Tallow candles burned quickly and unsteadily, and they scattered grease.
He shuffled unsteadily on his feet and appeared exhausted, even dazed, as he tried to banter with his old friend.
The film veers unsteadily between a comic tone and the drama of a guilty conscience in need of a cleansing.
Defendant got out of the vehicle unsteadily and appeared to be confused.
When he revived, he weaved back unsteadily to his seat and helped to steer others to the throne.
Many animals ambulate by walking unsteadily backwards.
All the scats were occupied except one, and he made his way unsteadily te it.
Rand got up and followed him unsteadily as far as the door.

Famous quotes containing the word unsteadily

He was calm; however, he had to be supported during the journey through the long corridors, since he planted his feet more
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