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Example sentences for unsparing

The author is unsparing in his approach to what he sees as historical myths.
Critics are especially unsparing about the government's decision to wait six days before announcing the results.
Not that there were no allegations of corruption right under its nose but that it was unsparing on them.
He should yield to neither hatred nor affection, but should be unsparing and unpitying.
Her sarcasm searched the ranks of the officials with the deadly and unsparing precision of a machine-gun.
Its theme is mob violence, its approach is coldly judicial, its treatment as relentless and unsparing as the lynching it portrays.
With all due respect to her reputation for unsparing honesty, it must be said that this statement is not true.
He drew on a deeper vitality, unsparing but confident.
His riot of voices and song is unsparing of parents, ex-lovers and himself.
Our examination of shortcomings of our financial markets must be unsparing.
It ia only through thorough ani exhaustive measures and their rigid and unsparing enforcement that good results can be achieved.
They had excellent reason, too for tho police were unsparing of their blows.
Then the war will be prosecuted with unsparing and unceasing vigor.

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