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Example sentences for unsolicited

The magazine cannot return or respond to unsolicited manuscripts.
Unsolicited emailed applications will not be accepted.
Unfortunately, our magazine and website editors do not accept any unsolicited photographs for publication.
The bill's authors want to label this approach as unsolicited.
All unsolicited contributions are sent on speculation.
In one way the current wave has already turned nasty: there has been a proliferation of unsolicited bids.
At no point does the chairman appear in the video, or appear to do anything except be polite about receiving an unsolicited gift.
There needs to be some point of defining what unsolicited commercial e-mail is.
He was also forced to promise never again to send unsolicited or misleading e-mail messages.
They are leery of unsolicited e-mail attachments, and careful about the web sites they visit.
But a couple thousand people signed up unsolicited to follow my tweets.
Still, rating agencies have been issuing unsolicited opinions on the creditworthiness of borrowers for decades.
We get letters of all kinds addressed to the sixth floor: complaints, fan mail, unsolicited manuscripts and story ideas.
The secret powers of nature are generally discovered unsolicited.
Thou hast loaded me with favours unsolicited, bestowed without delay on thy part, or excuse.
Unsolicited e-mail that touts penny stocks is on the rise and getting results.
In my unsolicited opinion, it would be worth the effort if you plan to read for the next few decades.
But the way the market currently works, agencies can't provide unsolicited ratings for every bond out there.
Peach pits, open chakras, macrobiotic diets: cancer patients get more unsolicited advice than they could possibly follow.
Because of so many unsolicited submissions, a response may take up to a week.
People are driving minivans, pickups and tractor-trailers from across the country to bring unsolicited donations.
There is available guidance concerning unsolicited proposals.
Do not click on links contained within an unsolicited e-mail.
Never, ever download an unsolicited attachment from a stranger.

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That man has offered me unsolicited advice for six years, most of it bad.... more
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