unscrew in a sentence

Example sentences for unscrew

Unscrew the valve from the scuba tank with a wrench.
Unscrew it with a coin and you can replace with a bigger grip, or none at all.
Position a catch tub under the oil pan and unscrew the drain plug.
Unscrew a light bulb that uses a lot of electricity and replace it with one that uses much less.
And don't be too cheap to unscrew the water bottles in your room.
When you are done, unscrew the syringe and put it in your sharps container.
Owners of the recalled cribs, are urged to unscrew the four corner posts immediately.
Do not unscrew the light bulb right after turning off the lamp as the bulb may be hot and can burn you.
Raccoons have learned how to work toggles and zippers, and can unscrew containers.
Imagine that you are trying to unscrew the top of a jelly jar.
To look for cracks, unscrew the plastic cover that goes over the piece shown in this photo and remove the cover.
Unscrew all screws holding flexible connector in place.
Unscrew the top of the nebulizer cup, place medication in cup without touching inside of cup and replace the cap.
Select an exterior wall and turn off the circuit breaker or unscrew the fuse for any outlets in the wall.
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