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There are some deeply unsavory opinions in these diversity threads.
Healthy woolly bears also ingest alkaloids, but only in small amounts, apparently to make themselves unsavory to predators.
All are impressive locations for unsavory types to plot and scheme.
Words that are vulgar or offensive, or refer to unsavory topics.
But not everyone seems to experience the unsavory side effects.
It was also used to justify ruthless business practices and other unsavory acts.
Most of it takes place in a seedy, unsavory bistro thronged with wallowing strumpets, smugglers and sailors.
Even the future of the time-honored sport of hurtling rotten tomatoes at unsavory politicians hangs in the balance.
But many of these rebels, as news reports call them, have unsavory records.
Cutting deals with criminal informants may, at times, be a necessary if unsavory part of law enforcement.
Crypto had become widely available, and it had indeed fallen into unsavory hands.
You're not alone, and a new law hopes to cut down on such unsavory practices.
Environmentalists applaud such efforts but worry about an unsavory side effect: increased use of paper bags.
But there ought to be an unsavory term for the off-taste of a winter squash.
Photos are also stolen to sell or trade for a variety of unsavory uses.
The rally has brought an unsavory element in past years which has created both a public and officer safety challenge.
The foods they eat are not provided in tubes and they are neither bland nor unsavory.
So power holds a mysterious, perhaps unsavory, place in many minds.
In addition, the seven-day waiting period also gives the impression there may be something unsavory about the transaction.
They often view politics as unsavory and corrupting.
There were unsafe and unsavory situations where people had to make decisions about staying out of trouble and hiding things.
As its name implies, for some the taste was unsavory.
Their unsavory name stems from the air-filled sacs or bladders used to lure and actively capture unsuspecting prey.
Unless the rocket has some unsavory design flaw, it should safely touch down within the prescribed area.

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Nothing is more repulsive than a furtively prurient spirituality; it is just as unsavory as gross sensualit... more
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