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Now researchers have started using satellites to try to identify and track these unruly waves.
Pardon my unruly critical thought processes, but in my experience only ideas that can survive criticism and refinement are useful.
Creating a colorful outdoor living room from an unruly yard can seem intimidating.
Determined to bring an unruly universe to order, he scrubbed and plucked, mowed and tidied.
Party bosses may try to play the stern father here, but their unruly charges defy parental controls.
But some look way too unruly to bring home to dinner.
So they'd been there maybe an hour before, and did know that the crowd was large and unruly.
Unite unruly stacks by showcasing a collection of objects of similar shape and color.
Pasha the camel had at first been truculent and unruly.
Now that he is healthy he has started displaying this unruly behavior.
The report is thick with language critical of the unruly behavior but apparently thin on charges against individual rioters.
Police had already been called to the scene because of unruly crowds, but left to attend to similar crowds at other nearby stores.
While such an unruly style defies imitation, it surely inspires the essence of relaxation.
Bread and circuses always work better than repression and starvation when attempting to control unruly populace.
By that time the sense for relief had made us rather unruly.
In a few instances the ants were unruly before they were grappled and carried off.
The landscape here was what granite had made it-unruly, rumpled, rugged.
She had short, unruly hair and wide-set eyes that glared at the camera in a closeup shot.
Duke used strange methods for disciplining his band of unruly stars.
The summer movie, in particular, is unruly for the loner because it attracts a certain audience.
And her jury became an unruly mob looking to give an old lady some extra dough.
All those preparations failed, however, when an unruly crowd surged and swept away her colleague.
He's not tall, he has a slightly comical face and a tendency to scowl, and his hair is often unruly.
His appearance cast a spell of its own: pale, even features, dramatic cheekbones and an unruly mane of reddish-gold hair.
Part of her likes the idea of unruly jellies causing a commotion and foiling our plans.
Their powers were usually disputed by inexperienced and unruly parliamentary bodies.
The newspaper says fans had reported the pair to police during the game because of their alleged unruly behavior.
But that's about as far as silicon can go: below that quantum physics makes electrons too unruly to stay inside the lines.
Despite ups and downs, relations between the superpower and its unruly client have grown steadily closer over the decades.
Two ropes would be put about the neck of each animal, with a slip noose, so that he could be choked if too unruly.
There would be no time for such nonsense as disciplining the unruly or even being bothered with the over-mischievous.
Click here to see reporting unruly behavior information.
Credit for that feat goes, in large part, to an anthropomorphic rodent wielding an unruly wand.
You're a little unruly, and you're having a little too much fun, and then you wake up the next morning and you regret it.
Maybe the prize will give him more power, new muscle to haul unruly nations in line.

Famous quotes containing the word unruly

To lift, to fetch, to drive, to shed, to pen, Are acts I recognize, with all they mean Of shepherding the unrulymore
Busy old fool, unruly sun, Why dost thou thus Through windows, and through curtains call on us?... more
In order to master the unruly torrent of life the learned man meditates, the poet quivers, and the politica... more
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