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Example sentences for unroll

Melt butter, add sugar and cinnamon, unroll crescents and place peach quarters in each one.
When the plant is done, the leaf will unroll and the insect exoskeleton will be released.
Unroll the fabric in such a manner as to avoid snagging or dragging the fabric over sharp objects during installation.
Unroll roofing membrane and allow it to relax before installing.
Unroll roofing membrane and allow to relax before installing.
These results were then used to estimate the torque needed to unroll the wire under these low temperature conditions.
Unroll it to prove a cylinder is made up of a rectangle and two circles.
On a flat, protected surface, unroll the first sheet or so of the roll.
Unroll sleeping pads and spread them out in the trunk of your car to cushion fragile items from bumps.
Unroll the water and air vent lines loosely in the trench from the standpipe to the indicator unit.
Rolled items present special challenges because there is often little space available to unroll long items for drying.
Unroll roofing membrane sheets and allow them to relax for minimum time period required by manufacturer.
Most areas are still in desperate need of rain to unroll corn leaves and get soybeans blooming.
Untie all cables and unroll them to their fullest extent.
If you use an extension cord, unroll it all the way to keep it from retaining heat.
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