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Faculty unrest over restructuring is becoming quite common.
It had been a day of unrest in the city, and the streets were eerily quiet.
These protests had been growing for months, and unrest had also erupted in other parts of the country.
It will create dislocations, civil unrest, and political upheavals.
Of course, climate change can't be blamed for all the food shortages and social unrest, several researchers cautioned.
But in the early days of the uprising, the unrest provided a window of opportunity for looters.
It was a time of uncertainty, unrest and repression.
Too much exposure to the ills bred in the human mind begets further unrest in the soul.
The panel should also understand that war and unrest are also caused by collapsing an economy.
The area's inaccessibility, to which political unrest contributes, has kept scientists away.
The railways face intermittent problems due to political unrest in some regions.
Drought and civil unrest led many to abandon the nomadic herding lifestyle and move to cities.
In the wake of the political unrest here last spring, animal poaching-specifically lemur poaching-has become a growing problem.
Religion is being used as a cover for social unrest, a way to empower these people who are not empowered.
Students here come from places where there's war, civil unrest, or extreme poverty.
Maritime shipping had more strikes and labor unrest than many other industries.
The unrest might have petered out but for an unexplained escalation.
The party's dilemma is that much of the unrest is a product of the rapid economic growth that it is so keen to maintain.
But the scale and persistence of the unrest point to deeper causes.
You've been writing about global unrest for decades now.
Far from the grit of revolutionary unrest or the tumult of a natural disaster, average people sit, transfixed.
When food shortages and rising prices drive people to desperation, social unrest soon follows.
So far, no reports of unrest or violence or pig's heads on pikes.
There have been no arrests and his killing has set off widespread unrest in the two cities.

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