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Because artificiality leads to a sense of unreality and frustration, unhappiness often results.
There was a touch of unreality, a mystery about him from the start.
The experience is frequently disconcerting and is often accompanied by a sense of unreality.
And yet the story always sustains its air of sunny unreality.
But it seems even more so in the film because of the lady's unreality in a completely artificial world.
The humorous characterization is joyously exaggerated into caricature,--the serious characterization into romantic unreality.
The color is false, but does heighten the sense of unreality to it.
There was a distinct moment of unreality when it all happened, and even the teachers didn't know what to say or do.
Consequently, much of the speech had an air of unreality about it.
To have once imagined and composed fiction, it seemed, laid him under an indelible curse of unreality.
For friends, it took a long time to overcome the seeming unreality of the situation.
The sense of unreality is greatly heightened by the pervasive blue tonality, which nearly overpowers every other color.
The eerie shades of the ocean floor are quite effective, however, and the strange seascapes lend an air of unreality.

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