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But they were encouraged by the railroads and the government to take unrealistic risks.
Still, expecting companies to stop putting up new buildings is unrealistic.
The history of overseas aid began with unrealistic expectations.
The media plays a role in promoting unrealistic expectations for body image and a distorted cultural drive for thinness.
Religions can sometimes do all these things, and it would be unrealistic to deny that this partly explains their existence.
The in-and-out model has obviously become unrealistic.
Unrealistic though the image may have been, it gave me nightmares for years afterwards.
Some combination of the free-market approach and a long rest may be ideal, but it's politically unrealistic right now.
It's a popular method for pairing up, but creates unrealistic expectations.
Their ambitious plan reflected a confidence in the longevity of the empire that was both unrealistic and fast-fading.
With a lesser cast, all the film's unrealistic moments would amount to a frustrating, eye-roll-inspiring viewing experience.
Moreover, detecting an emerging pandemic virus in animals before the occurrence of a human pandemic is unrealistic.
At the same time, it would be unrealistic to expect the changes to take place now, in a context of peace.
But with various obstacles, a lack of data and insufficient technology, the team realized the project was unrealistic.
And along with it all came the concomitant result: mountains of unrealistic expectations.
Within a few years, it had become apparent that these predictions were absurdly unrealistic, and the funding soon dried up.
But it's not always a case of science-illiterate politicians setting unrealistic goals.
The scientists' goal was bigger than any of them ever cared to state outright, for fear of coming across as unrealistic.
And it is absolutely unrealistic to imagine that anything will happen to those other than they're eventually getting discarded.
As higher education replaces industry in some cities, colleges face both support and unrealistic expectations.
Of course, it isn't only creative-writing students who fall prey to unrealistic expectations.
It's the flip side of the client making unrealistic demands.
If there is disillusionment, it's because college students are unrealistic to begin with.
So part of the problem may be unrealistic expectations.
Your idea that she should be writing and nothing else can be grossly unrealistic for many people.
Expecting students who might be grappling with unfamiliar material to have quick and ready answers is often unrealistic.
Adding drinking to the mix seems to spice things up a bit, but is both unrealistic and unrelated to the author's real point.
With chronic health issues, it's unrealistic to expect the old guy back.
However, it is unrealistic to think that you can apply a generic set of expectations to teaching in a college setting.
The blog may be an add-on to your traditional tasks, too, so don't overburden yourself with unrealistic expectations.
If not then proposing that salaries would be the same is unrealistic.
Getting comments back from three reviewers in a day is even more unrealistic.
It should be available to anyone, certainly, but expecting universal enrollment is unrealistic.
More seriously, your solution is unrealistic and totalitarian.
However, this is not only unrealistic, it is impossible to achieve.
The single-minded, uniformed secular mindset is equally as ignorant and unrealistic.
Makers of these systems have countered that the test settings were unrealistic.
Expecting people to abandon meat and dairy products over night is unrealistic.
Progress without pollution may sound utterly unrealistic, but businesses are putting green chemistry into practice.
Expect more of the same going forward with the new unrealistic standards.
The sheer number of required satellites in orbit is also physically unrealistic.
But as a general remedy the prescription seems unrealistic, particularly for complex tasks requiring intensive training.
The video certainly is inspiring, if not unrealistic.
Thank you for this opportunity to help keep my kids from unrealistic expectations.
So, the prospect of runaway global warming are completely unrealistic.
The fourth, isn't meant to be funny or have an unrealistic view of space research.
When taken in that context your hyperbolic, unrealistic rants are perfectly consistent.
Patients and caretakers definitely have unrealistic expectations about this illness.
Some of the frustration stems from unrealistic expectations.
These large-scale projects are often unrealistic, and otherwise politically impossible.
For all their faults, it would have been unrealistic to expect much more of them.
Before long it became clear that these plans were unrealistic.
Expecting programmers to change their behaviour overnight is unrealistic.
The easy response to this disappointment is to blame unrealistic expectations.
The reason is a mixture of unrealistic expectations and inefficient execution, with the latter being partly caused by the former.
And talk of the economic crisis focussing minds strikes me as unrealistic.
Plans for regional integration have also frequently become bogged down in rhetoric and lofty-if ultimately unrealistic-goals.
And with those at the top having such a grim time, it is unrealistic to expect any excitement at the bottom.
But don't feel too bad, many of us have been sold an unrealistic vision of retirement.
For their part, auditors gripe about clients' unrealistic expectations and poor timekeeping.
Sceptics grumble that, at best, a rights-based approach raises unrealistic expectations among the poor.
The global slump has made those targets unrealistic.
Using unrealistic values for their private-equity stakes pollutes this process.
Plans for a push into liquefied natural gas look unrealistic.
Western diplomats say that insisting on a reduction to pre-war levels is unrealistic.
Too many unrealistic hopes and dreams that were never realized.
Or even by making fun of things, or by being completely unrealistic.
The technology portrayed was unrealistic to the point of silly.
If a patient is unrealistic and he doesn't have a great result, you won't see him again.
Journalists get all indignant and self-righteous when someone calls out their unrealistic use of hyperbole.
In other words, trade always occurs within certain power relationship and a lot of economic ideology is unrealistic.
Both sides have criticized each other for unrealistic appeals to voters' emotions.
Some are inflammatory and unrealistic, some otherwise.
Anyone saying otherwise is deluded and unrealistic and destined for failure if they try to get their way on it.
The old idea of citizens controlling their government by voting is a weak and pathetically unrealistic illusion.
Hoping a button press will reward you with an escape route more quickly than someone can grab you is unrealistic.
When the government makes unrealistic demands, the contractors go along anyway: they are being paid not to resist but to comply.
Humans project unrealistic emotions onto their relationships with dogs.
In summary, it is unrealistic to expect exciting discoveries to result immediately in consumer applications.
Expecting the world to adopt ascetic puritanical conservation is simply unrealistic.
It's tempting to say that these ideas sound worthy but are otherwise impractical and unrealistic.
They dismiss this result on the basis that such speeds are unrealistic.
But depending on breakthroughs alone to solve our energy problems is unrealistic.
It also requires a little more automated on-board control than cars currently have but not an unrealistic amount.
Her suggested cuts--to education and health care--came under fire last week as unrealistic.
At its root, this year's coaching turnover is an indictment of poor management decisions and unrealistic expectations.
In frothy markets, investors tend to form unrealistic expectations.
Some consequences of unrealistic optimism about smoking.

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