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Chimerical is defined as unreal, imaginary, or wildly fanciful.
It is instead a memoir of thinly veiled or nonexistent people wandering through a desolate and unreal landscape.
Two of the professors admit that their unreal students teeter on an ethical precipice, because the technique could be abused.
It was unreal-an entire city had been reduced to rubble.
It is as essential to surmount a consciousness of an unreal freedom and to recognise a dependence not perceived by our senses.
We are in a process of sorting out the real from the unreal, that is the warring in our members.
Let's suppose you actually got a lot of funny, unreal images.
It is unreal how relatively smart scientifically-inclined individuals cannot see this difference.
It has something unreal for his companion, until he too has substantiated it.
And the beauty of nature must always seem unreal and mocking, until the landscape has human figures, that are as good as itself.
Romance is pointedly unreal, but fantasy is something altogether different.
As to the probability the figure you quote is unreal and comes from a comic book or something.
For the monster's unreal size and apparent invincibility.
Whilst people lose their jobs and homes they reside in an unreal world ignorant of the realities of life.
It is all an image game, as unreal as the financial wealth in highly deregulated markets.
It was about getting a life after spending nine years in an unreal life.
Here the drama is heightened by a dark background and contrasting colors, nervous patterns, and unreal proportions.

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