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Collar tags can break or become unreadable and tattooing can become illegible.
Unreadable or illegible applications will be denied.
Storage media can become degraded and unreadable due to environmental conditions, mechanical wear, and other factors.
These were quite unreadable until one peered into the coelostat, where they appeared motionless.
It's not so dark as to be unreadable, but it's a big disappointment on an otherwise stellar unit.
There are few inanimate objects sadder than books that have been rendered unreadable, as you can see for yourself above.
Patents are densely written, nearly unreadable blends of technical and legal jargon.
His book was so full of details that his subscribers found it unreadable and failed to continue their support.
The idea of encryption is to make a message unreadable, except to the receiver.
Others had translated it before him, but into almost unreadable prose.
The new software leaves nothing to hand over, so it looks as if it will be able to make old messages completely unreadable.
In the future, some e-book formats could become obsolete and unreadable as the companies that supported them go under.
Trolling has rendered this thread unreadable, yet again.
Don't let your proposal become an unreadable swamp of alphabet soup.
Her backup position was that she believed if she wrote unreadable briefs she would have a better chance of winning the case.
Another possible reason: you've provided photocopies that are smudged, cut off, or otherwise unreadable.
In my mind's eye the concept looked brilliant, but in reality it was all too fussy and totally unreadable.
Demo pictures included photos taken of an open book closely lit by a lamp, when normally the text would be unreadable.
Even if you put it in a file at normal room temperature it became unreadable in a few years or disappeared completely.
Most political writers are satisfied to graze a little in the unreadable tracts turned out by or for our political figures.
But then he realized that the manual would have so many footnotes and caveats that it would be unreadable.
Gold leaf paper scratched with an unreadable message.
Whether deleted outright or tagged in way that makes it unreadable, it no longer does its job.
The result is a book that's brilliant, funny, heart- and brain-rending and borderline unreadable.
Several lines were omitted because of a production error, making portions of the article unreadable.
Determine whether to reject unreadable electronic bids.
It reduces the amount of unreadable data that will appear in the realtime transcript.
Smaller text than shown should not be used as the messages will be unreadable to drivers.
Incomplete or unreadable applications will not be considered.
Encryption uses a mathematical formula to scramble your data into a format that is unreadable by anyone who might intercept it.
Regulations that are unclear or unreadable make work for the reader and for the agency that issues them.
Incorrect typewriter settings will cause unreadable lists.
Never use cylinders with missing or unreadable labels.
All electronic components capable of storing data or software have been removed, rendered unreadable or sent for destruction only.
After a couple of turns around the buoy, it was determined that the identification number of the buoy was unreadable.
Additional delays can occur of the prints are unreadable or information is not complete.

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