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Example sentences for unquenchable

Science is nothing more than satisfying an unquenchable need to know.
Even colleges, with their unquenchable thirst for higher tuition, were unlikely to beat that.
It takes an unquenchable curiosity and a monomaniacal sense of purpose.
The unquenchable desire to prove yourself better than everyone else.
Third, an unquenchable curiosity to learn the way things work, from the internal combustion engine to the national government.
Nobody can stop him when he smells blood, and nobody has his unquenchable desire to win.
These names reflect their creativity, adventurous spirit, and unquenchable curiosity about the physical world and how it works.
Still, the life-changing experience of my early education had planted in me an unquenchable desire to be a teacher.
Shore seining seemed to be his favorite occupation in which he engaged with an unquenchable enthusiasm.
They all shared an unquenchable thirst for knowledge and enthusiasm for their professions.

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