unquantifiable in a sentence

Example sentences for unquantifiable

We're not talking unquantifiable efficiency ratings.
These people have endured countless pages of contradicting evidence and an unquantifiable amount of rational arguments.
Uncertainty is a measure of how workers and businesses feel, which is unquantifiable.
And it requires sacrificing today to ward off uncertain and unquantifiable future risks.
Chances are there's already a latent order present which reveals itself only upon unrehearsed and unquantifiable reflection.
Lenny, the main character, is a dinosaur in this world because he still believes in the unquantifiable qualities of individuals.
So much of what goes into making a good teacher is intangible and unquantifiable.
More certain, although unquantifiable, is the decision's impact on profit-and-loss accounts.
But there remain plenty of other-unquantifiable-liabilities.
Also, the figures account for tangible economic losses but do not account for human losses that are priceless and unquantifiable.
Again your claim of subjugation is a fuzzy unquantifiable thing.
One of its many unquantifiable advantages is a capacity for self-improvement.
Risk is different from uncertainty, which is unquantifiable.
The reason for this is that the real economy is too complex and has a lot of unquantifiable variables.
There is, says one of these reports, no longer any excuse for considering them unquantifiable.
But on top come the unquantifiable costs of disruption to transport.
The hidden costs in pain and suffering are unquantifiable.
Agencies with these types of unquantifiable report due dates will not appear to be past due.
The true leader encourages open dialogue and recognizes unquantifiable standards.
Summary of other unquantifiable or intangible benefits which may accrue to the local economy and community.
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