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Remove older, unproductive branches, cutting back to new branches.
It's easy for us to let our anger drive us in unproductive directions.
Evidently, years of misuse and overuse had made the land unproductive.
It was a stage necessarily unproductive, but of great importance notwithstanding, in the work of development.
It would be humiliating to ring at once for the pageboy to bear my unproductive box back to its niche.
First, the notion that government is fundamentally inefficient and unproductive has become conventional wisdom.
But as any seasoned executive will tell you, the boss who refuses to delegate will be not only unhappy, but unproductive.
It's good for farmland for a few years and then it starts to become unproductive.
The real argument against marijuana is that it makes you lazy and unproductive.
Feeding starving millions in an unproductive environment will not produce a functioning society to support them.
It's unproductive to think of security as a series of threats to be overcome, a computer scientist argues.
Industrially and commercially it was of no importance, agriculturally it was notably unproductive.
He seems to represent an unproductive seeking for first principles, a frustrating lack of harshness.
But many of these properties are going to remain unproductive over this period anyway.
It seems an unproductive way for politicians to talk to people they might wish to represent.
In one famous case a supervising editor missed the fourteen-week deadline for dismissing an unproductive newsroom staffer.
Without that knowledge the machines, no matter how advanced and sophisticated, are unproductive.
So aiming to please other people too directly can have a rather unproductive fate.
In an unproductive habitat, animals will find less food, and so there will be fewer of each species.
Watching this make me feel so seriously unproductive.
Too bad they express it by so unproductive and destructive means.
Couching the sides of the debate in moral terms is not merely unfair, but is also unproductive.
Doing that is precisely the kind of thing that pushes people apart and creates unproductive decisiveness and hostility.
Colleges and universities must avoid negative stereotypes suggesting that older faculty are incompetent or unproductive.
The cruelty of much animal experimentation cannot be justified on scientific grounds, because it has proved largely unproductive.
Any ritual that cleanses the mind of unproductive intrusions will work.
People are guarded and untrustful, and the atmosphere is unpleasant and unproductive.
She believes that college costs too much because professors are overpaid, unproductive and presumably lazy.
Suppose, for instance, that a department has three unproductive professors in the field of swamp maintenance.
Businesses who suppressed exciting new initiatives in favor of maintaining unproductive departments that lost money would fail.
Borrowed money has been poured into unproductive uses, notably housing.
Chewing qat is an unproductive hobby that has grown up in an unproductive country.
They will be extremely unproductive as long as the sanctions are in place.
On top of redistribution from the majority to the financial sector, printing also misallocates capital into unproductive activity.
The lack of commercial orientation frequently means that too many employees throughout the company are unproductive.
Eventually technology will replace slow and unproductive humans.
To finance subsidies and a whole range of populist but unproductive expenditure, it has taken to printing huge amounts of money.
Cattle ranchers came and went, and for the past few years the land has been unproductive.
Investors will be better off in investing in productive businesses, not unproductive or destructive businesses.
But if so many workers are now too unproductive to hire, one has to ask why firms had them on payrolls before the recession.
The service economy is still overly protected and, hence, unproductive.
The realty market was unproductive of features yesterday.
On it went, unproductive line after unproductive line.
Sims-Walker was targeted four times as part of a rotation at receiver, but was predictably unproductive.
Pointing fingers of blame can be unseemly and unproductive.
Choice got much more early-down work than usual, but he continues be wildly unproductive as a runner.
On the negative, it prompts more unproductive accounting games.
The building right now is an empty unproductive husk.
Running ftp by hand is tedious, boring, and unproductive.
If the above actions are unproductive, use other local resources.
Normally, landowners restore unproductive areas of cropland or pasture or areas which are too wet to farm efficiently.
Reductions could be based on the percentage of unproductive units in each service.
Cut back on ugly activities that eat up your time or are otherwise unproductive.
They worry they'll get in trouble, fall behind their peers or grow up lazy and unproductive.

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