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They grew up as the leftovers of an unpopular war, straddling two worlds but belonging to neither.
The expense of moving, storing and maintaining them made the machines increasingly unpopular with budget-squeezing officials.
Yet housing first projects can be unpopular among both charities and the public.
In fact, some of the great scientific advances were the result of unpopular or discredited theories.
They are risking their careers on what will surely be an unpopular suggestion.
Unfortunately, that which is in theory the popular part of our government, is in practise the unpopular part.
To deliver the blazing speed of fiber optics without digging up the streets-a slow, costly and unpopular process.
Skeptics, used to the old ways, had predicted that the electronic market would be unpopular.
Such protectionist measures are unpopular with economists.
Good policy, bad public relations: the excuse of unpopular governments everywhere.
But despite intensive efforts to soften public opinion, a public rescue still seems desperately unpopular.
Inflation is unpopular, especially among pensioners, who vote quite reliably.
Raising the money from governments may be politically unpopular and is difficult when countries are trying to rein in spending.
Politicians are slightly less unpopular than of late.
The answer is that he is trapped by an unpopular fiscal rule known as the tax shield.
If you want to be unpopular in the technology community, there's no better way to do it than to become a rocket designer.
Researchers who curate unpopular varieties provide crucial insurance for our food supply.
Championing an unproved or unpopular idea is a good way to put your academic career on permanent hold.
Of course due to the nature of this blog my opinions will be unpopular with its audience.
The more unpopular the material, the more points in the exam.
It's this second group that are so unpopular with physicists.
Accurate diagnosis is tough, often unpopular, and unachievable without excellent training.
Attacking religious ideas that are scientifically incorrect is unpopular.
He's ugly and unpopular and no body understands the things he's saying anyway.
The governor's request was also unpopular with other university supporters.
College administrators make decisions every day, so dealing with the consequences of unpopular ones is nothing new.
The unpopular federal restraints on stem-cell research would be lifted, but they have been crumbling anyway.
We seem to have a competent faculty member who is outspoken with extremely unpopular views.
Remember that tenure exists to protect faculty who present unpopular ideas for the sake of education and open discourse.
But, when has discrimination been unpopular in state universities.
In the long run, a campaign based on unpopular ideas may change the country forever.
History shows that any attempt by government to interfere in the consumption of salt is always extremely unpopular.
And true civility can be disruptive-it is not civil, for example, to abandon the unpopular or unfairly treated.
He hasn't gone out of his way to point out how unpopular they would be, but he hasn't really hidden it, either.
It would signal a willingness to follow public opinion and back off ideas that are unpopular.
Can you think of a policy that the president backed that was initially unpopular.
The bailouts were hugely unpopular with voters, but they occurred anyway.
Fixing our nation's fiscal problems is going to be wildly unpopular.
Eight and a half grueling years later, the deeply unpopular conflict is set to end with a whimper, not a bang.
US military campaigns have often been unpopular, sparking protest movements.
It was a controversial notion, but not an unpopular one.
Ambitious people are uniquely unpopular these days, equally loathed by left and right.
It is a low-income neighborhood, but the antics of the addicts were as unpopular there as they had been in ch√Ęteau country.
He had been unpopular in the district attorney's office, where he was considered a theatrical character.
The funny thing is, my buildings start out being unpopular, but in the end everybody loves them.
The war package was a bet on good and popular news rather than on bad and unpopular news.
Those who have habitually managed or are managing public affairs are increasingly unpopular.
In a country of rigid ideological groupings the intellectual in transit from one ideology to another is a lone and unpopular wolf.
Both are about unpopular wars run by unpopular presidents.
It's a cautionary tale to any scientist who's considering taking an unpopular stand.
At the same time, they have clearly chosen not to be cheerleaders for what they know are unpopular wars.
Tell me about a time when you were forced to make an unpopular decision.
Unwilling to take unpopular positions when necessary.
US whey powder is lower in price, but unpopular because of perceived inconsistency in quality.
Rely on these data rather than on emotions, even if the decision is unpopular.
If the company becomes unpopular, the stock price will drop.
But his policies during the depression were generally unpopular.

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