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The unoccupied can occupy themselves for a while declaring that capitalism is broke.
Unoccupied in the winter, the center consists of seven laboratory igloos linked by corridors.
Better burglarizing of unoccupied houses than robbing and mugging.
Its signal achievement seemed to be stopping for a stop sign at an otherwise unoccupied intersection.
We've lit up the night as if it were an unoccupied country, when nothing could be further from the truth.
And humans appear to have avoided the newly made island altogether, leaving it unoccupied for over a hundred thousand years.
They had become so populous that they could no longer find unoccupied territory in their region.
The borrowing capacity of people who would move into new homes is questionable, so homes go unoccupied.
Many of these new housing units are still unoccupied, as they await connections to new sewer and electrical grids.
Most of the benches were unoccupied: there was room to grow.
Life has been tougher lower down the ladder, where credit is tight and there is a glut of unoccupied homes.
We have millions of unoccupied homes in this country.
Later the house would remain unoccupied for almost two decades.
Many shops are unoccupied, lots of apartments lie unfinished and there is no sign that work is continuing.
Or should it move rightward, towards political territory that is almost unoccupied.
Sad thing about it is that there is still so much unoccupied land out there that still hasn't been touched.
It's a few dozen houses in a field, attached to nothing but each other, ending with unoccupied slabs of concrete buried in weeds.
Yet it remains unoccupied, as reported last year in this magazine.
Of late years the drawing room has been virtually unoccupied.
They ran and tackled each other along the edge of a pavement, in view of an unoccupied public field equipped with proper goals.
To make matters worse, they were frequently running and in some cases unoccupied.
The staff will allow you to peek in if it is unoccupied.
In general, you can board the train the second before it departs and sit in any unoccupied seat.
Common problems that plague every homeowner can turn into major difficulties when a home is unoccupied for extended periods.
The island itself would remain unoccupied by either side.
Have housekeepers turn off guest room lights, televisions and radios when rooms are unoccupied.
The vehicle was unoccupied, and therefore there was little likelihood that the car would be moved or lost to the police.
Initially, the officers found the residence unoccupied and waited two and one-half hours for defendant to return.
For example, something as simple as turning off lights in unoccupied areas and adjusting thermostats can impact energy bills.
We thank you for your understanding when you see unoccupied reserved sites.
No injuries were reported, and the building was unoccupied at the time of the fire.
They make it a point to know who lives on their block, which houses are unoccupied during the day, and who is on vacation.
Post signs on or near light switches to encourage students and staff to turn off lights in unoccupied spaces.
Turn up or turn back the thermostat during unoccupied times.
The building was unoccupied when the fire began and no injures were reported.

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