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Example sentences for unmoved

He was unmoved by the many opportunities for private gain.
In spite of his eloquence, the grand steward remains unmoved.
In all this he remained unmoved until victory crowned him.
In this dry handling of the matter, the affections of the reader are left unenlisted and unmoved.
They were unmoved when talk of a military draft began.
The university's trustees, however, apparently were unmoved by that vote.
But anyone making that argument would find the promotion-and-tenure committee at my university distinctly unmoved.
Unmoved, he goes about his business as if nothing has happened.
Nagging from newspapers, foreigners and the opposition leaves the government unmoved.
Doubtless some environmentalists will remain unmoved.
The economists are evidently unmoved by the effort both sides have put into touting the respectability of their plans.
Yet the electoral commission, dominated by the two old ruling parties, was unmoved.
In other words, it's nearly impossible to watch this and remain unmoved.
Some of these appalled me but the old gentleman was unmoved and only beckoned, them all toward the wastebasket.
Yet compared with other businesses, the health-care industry has been unmoved by the logic of lowering costs to increase profits.
Those who didn't see the answers first-time round were unmoved by the extra recognition.
But science is unmoved and unconcerned by such trivial contrivances.
The panorama of almost miraculous but quite probable achievement he unfolds should be breathtaking, but it leaves one unmoved.
It is impossible to remain unmoved as panelists relate life-altering tragedies.
Unmoved, the district court upheld its original order.
Nonetheless, he remained largely unmoved by their appeals.
The adult substance-abusing offender population has been historically unmoved by the threat of incarceration alone.
It won't qualify for an immediate tow, but it could trigger a reinspection fee if left unmoved.
Finally, if a structure remains unmoved, it will be donated to the town fire department and burned for training purposes.
Unmoved before the cross upon which humanity is being crucified.

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