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Example sentences for unmixed

And yet this success has not been an unmixed blessing.
It's made with large pieces of cold fat, which are generally the size of peas and left unmixed in the dough.
These individuals are not all unmixed in their ancestry.
We tend to feel that political participation is an unmixed good, a symptom of civic health and virtue.
My metaphorical reference, thoroughly unmixed, was to shooting the wounded.
Nor will this transformation be an unmixed good but only a reflection of what people make of it.
The pain caused by punishment is pure unmixed evil, and never ought to be inflicted except for the sake of some good.
They may have our sympathy, but it is sympathy unmixed with self-reproach.
Here's hoping all your serves are aces and your metaphors are unmixed.
Thoroughly mix waterproofing, using mortar mixer or electric drill and paddle mixer, leaving no lumps or unmixed materials.
After mixing, the bottom of the container shall be free of any unmixed pigment prior to use.
The unmixed, undried drums will be blended separately using the same coning and quartering methods.
The increase is caused by a pressure increase from the burning fuel spray which compresses unmixed ambient gas.
No lumping, balling, or unmixed aggregate shall be permitted.

Famous quotes containing the word unmixed

When we were told that by freedom we understood free enterprise, we did very little to dispel this monstrous falsehood..... more
... no gentleman lies, on any occasion, with unmixed pleasure. He feels, rather, as if he had put on rags.... more
No advantages in this world are pure and unmixed.... more
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