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Example sentences for unmitigated

My immediate reaction was one of pure, unmitigated fear.
It is no exaggeration to say that in all respects these vessels were absolute and unmitigated failures.
But on the stage and ever afterward, it became pure evil, an unmitigated disaster.
As fans, they watched this film with unmitigated excitement.
It used to be that outside investors reacted with unmitigated joy when a company started to buy back its shares.
Only matched by the unmitigated zeal of the uninformed and the greedy.
It's a place to complain about all the things that make commuting unmitigated drudgery.
But the election was hardly an unmitigated triumph for the government.
But it will take time before the project can be considered an unmitigated success.
He begrudges midway game operators who are driven by unmitigated greed to create remote odds of success.
The upshot was neither an unmitigated success nor an unmitigated failure.
Consider the unmitigated ecological disaster that is the automobile.
Here's one thing for which it deserves unmitigated praise: that name.
The piece ushered in an era of nearly unmitigated oil price appreciation.
Genetically modified crops are proving to be an unmitigated environmental miracle.
All the same, the initiative process is a mixed bag, not an unmitigated disaster.
It boasts calculated offensiveness, unsympathetic protagonists and unapologetic, unmitigated cynicism.
There is not a discordant note in this unmitigated flow of enthusiastic self-appreciation.
No artist should be asked to weather such unmitigated awe.
The prestigious event has played host to more than its fair share of gaffes, controversies and unmitigated disasters.
Income growth is often beneficial, but if pursued in unwise and unmitigated ways can result in bad outcomes.
No, raising taxes is not always an unmitigated evil, when you pair it with significant budget reductions.
Look for the womanly in couture-inspired frocks of unmitigated prettiness.
And as far as many parents are concerned, this is an unmitigated good.
It is straight, unmitigated flap-doodle, this thoroughly implausible tale.
The days when a presidential nominating convention was seen as an unmitigated boon are probably gone.
Example of foundation damage resulting from unmitigated collapsible subgrade soils.
Mitigation steps, although costly and time consuming, may still be preferable to going forward with the unmitigated risk.
As a result, during rain events runoff flushed into streams unmitigated.
Water supplies will remain intact during years of drought when other unmitigated water use may be limited or completely curtailed.
Certain piles will undergo unmitigated impact driving in order to determine performance of the bubble curtain.
As a result, many communities were bisected by roadways, creating unmitigated noise impacts.
However, current or future exposures from unmitigated areas on campus or from other off-campus sources were still possible.
Although optimism is generally regarded as a positive dispositional characteristic, unmitigated optimism can be problematic.
The level of risk depends on the potential harm if the risk is left unmitigated.

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